How To Wear a Belt Bag: 4 Fashion Tips

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The belt bag or fashion-forward fanny pack is not only trendy, but they are also convenient little carryalls. When you don’t want to carry a huge bag, a belt bag can really come in handy.

There’s a reason the belt bag trend is all the rage right now. You can carry all of your essentials without having to carry a large bag or backpack. If you're intimidated by how to wear this style, don't stress. They are effortless to wear and easy to incorporate into any outfit. 

For everything, you need to know about belt bag fashion, check out these tips for how to rock the latest trend.

Wear it Around Your Waist

Putting a belt bag around your waist is the classic way to wear this style. You can either wear the bag around the smallest part of your waist, around your hips or through your belt loops.

For the latest belt bag trends shop the collection here to see luxurious styles that will make any outfit look pulled together.

You can pair a fashion fanny pack around your waist with a dress, a maxi skirt, or a pair of skinny jeans. Wearing this fanny fashion trend around your waist will keep your hands free for carrying shopping bags, walking your pooch, or chasing your kids around town.

Wrap it Around Your Chest

One of the most effortless ways to wear a trendy belt bag is to wear it around your chest. This will still keep your hands free for more important things but it provides an alternative way to wear it if you don’t want to put it around your waist.

You’ll also feel pretty tough like a fashionista armed and strapped for battle. You’ll have easy access to all of your important things with the belt bag right at your chest.

According to Vouge, you’ll see belt bags worn around the neck and chest well into 2020.

Grab it in Your Hand

When you need to just grab your bag and go, you can carry your belt bag by the strap. It is also intentionally a cool way to wear it. You’ll look pretty stylish swinging your cute bag around town.

The thicker strap on a belt bag makes it easy to grab and get on the run. This effortless way to wear it is both convenient and on-trend.

Sling it Over Your Shoulder

Another great way to wear a belt bag is by throwing it over your shoulder like you would a tote bag. This is an easy to wear style when you’re on the go or in a hurry. When you want to just get up and go, you can swing it on and head out the door.

If you’re intimidated by how to wear the style, wearing it over your shoulder is also a familiar way to start out.

Rock Your Belt Bag

No matter which way you wear your belt bag, you can feel confident you are wearing a trendy and effortless look. From over your shoulder to the traditional wrapping the bag around your waist, fanny packs are really versatile bags.

Your fanny pack outfits will have an instant edgy and pulled together look when you pair them with a belt bag.

For more polished and on-trend looks, check out the fashion and personal care section for inspiration.


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