How To Wear a Cosplay Wig

Cosplay wigs are considered works of arts. They are of high quality and generally well-crafted. And this is not an exaggeration. They are meant to be worn with their respective costumes for a number of years. Here are some instructions on how you can properly wear a cosplay wig:

Wearing your wig cap:

  • You should wet your hair. Do it thoroughly. If your hair is long, you can twist it. Make a ponytail right at your neck’s nape. You can flip it so it lies directly against your hear. See to it that the tail points across or towards your forehead.
  • Wear your wig cap. Pull it on. You can begin from the back of your head if you made a ponytail. You can flip your ponytail towards your head. You should do this to keep your ponytail from interfering while you are in the process of positioning your wig cap. If your hair is shorter or if you are bald, things should be a lot easier. Just wear it and pull it on.
  • Continue the preparation by stuffing down your hair towards the back of your neck. Make sure that your wig cap accommodates much of your hair.

Wearing your cosplay wig:

  • Using both hands, tightly hold your cosplay wig. The backs of your hands should be facing each other. Your fingers should be positioned inside the cosplay wig while your thumbs are placed outside.
  • Look for your cosplay wig’s scalp line. Aim it against your forehead, right above your eyebrows.
  • Prepare to stretch the sides and the back of your cosplay wig. Hide them under your wig cap. Do this slowly. Aid yourself by tilting your head. Tilt forward. You can slide out your fingers just under the edges as you attempt to pull them down. Continue the process until your cosplay wig is able to hide all your hair into your wig cap.
  • Pull the back of your cosplay wig. Check if the wig’s front aligns with your natural hairline. If your cosplay wig has bangs, allow it to sit a bit higher, following your natural hairline.
  • Bring out your hairpins. Use them to hold your cosplay wig, your wig cap, and your hair in their proper positions. Be careful when pinning. You don’t want to poke yourself right into your scalp. Place the hairpins around the edges. Cover all angles as much as you can. Remember the trick: more pins mean more stability for your cosplay wig.
  • Test what you have done. Jump up and down. Vigorously shake your head. Do it from side to side. If your cosplay wig is long, toss it around. You can also touch your toes. If your cosplay wig doesn’t wiggle, you have done a great job. Otherwise, put on more hairpins.

Once you have put on your cosplay wig, wear it with attitude. Your cosplay wig certainly requires some role-playing. So, just go for it and have fun.


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