How To Wear a Hat

Hats were originally created out of necessity. Through the years, hats have evolved as a fashion statement. Some used hats with finesse while others exacerbate their unsightly appearance with them. What makes the difference is the choice of the right hat and the manner of wearing it.

These tips will help you wear a hat with confidence and free from possible fashion faux pas:

  • Shape and color. A mortal sin in choosing a hat is selecting one that does not match or complement the shape of your face or the color of your skin. For example, if you have a long face, it is not advisable to sport a tall hat because it would further highlight the length of your face. In terms of color, it is nice to match your hat and skin tone, as when you have reddish cheeks, wear brown hats.
  • To match or not to match with the clothes? Some people may think that it is cool to match the hat with one’s clothes. But this is not always the case. You should try to wear a hat that would contrast with your dress such as a chunky knit cap with a leather jacket, or a print hat with solid clothing. Wearing a leather hat with a leather jacket is so uncool.

  • Match with the season. Don’t wear a sunhat during winter season. You will look funny. Match your hat with the current season, not only because it is convenient, but also to protect your personal image. You don’t want to be a walking fashion disaster.

  • Match the occasion. In addition, match your hat with the occasion or event you are attending. For example don’t wear sunhats and Western hats when going to movies or concerts, for not only does it look awful on you, it will also cause the person behind you to be annoyed with the distraction or obstruction of view.

  • Wear the correct size. Your hat should not fall off every time you tilt. It should not go below your ears. If your hat leaves marks on your forehead, it only means one thing—your hat is too tight. Not only is a hat of the correct size convenient to you, it is also good to your appearance. People will notice it when your hat is tight or too loose.

  • Restyle your hair. A simple trick in styling your hair when wearing a hat is to style it as if you’re not wearing one. Remember also that when you are wearing a knit hat, it is a must to leave some hair showing in front. You should position a knit beret back so that it doesn’t look too crammed on your head.

  • Avoid retro hats. Avoid wearing retro hats. There’s a strong reason they went out of style. This is simply because they don’t look good anymore. So keep off from hats like this.

Keeping in mind all of these tips will definitely assist you in wearing a hat. Fashion and convenience should both go along; if it is not comfortable, then it’s not fashionable for you and vice versa.


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