How To Wear a Lululemon Headband

Women like you may have fallen in love with Lululemon. As a fashion brand, it has made dance, workout, and fashion wear for women more stylish. The Lululemon collections also paved way for Lululemon headbands. Here are some notes on how you can readily wear a Lululemon headband:

  • Lululemon offers several headband designs and colors. In fact, Lululemon headbands are available in rainbow colors. You can easily check them out on-line. You can also visit a nearby Lululemon store in your community to see the latest releases.
  • A Lululemon headband is essentially made of unbroken loop of fabric. Its primary function is to hold your hair back away from your face. While you are working out, it can hold your hair well. It is great when your hair have the tendency to become frizzy. That happens when you are sweaty.
A Lululemon headband can also keep your bangs and your cowlick in place while doing your exercise routine. Some avid users even testified that a Lululemon headband is great even if you are jogging or running. It basically keeps your hair off your face. You can finish your round with the necessity of single readjustment. This may sound a bit trivial but it can make your workout routine more bearable. This is definitely a welcome change particularly if your hair is less manageable.
  • A Lululemon headband is made of similar material that made the Lululemon apparel line well known and most sought after. The cloth is soft and stretchy. It is cleverly lined with a half-inch silicon strip.
  • A Lululemon headband is a great accessory, particularly if you live an active lifestyle. However, users of Lululemon headbands often complained about how they slip out of place or how they become loose. Eventually, Lululemon took the initiative and redesigned their headbands. Lululemon added a textured portion to the headbands. The portion doesn’t slip or become loose. It has made wearing Lululemon headbands more secure. It also gotten rid of that ill feeling that the headband can rip your hair out from the roots!
  • Try sliding your Lululemon headband just over your head. Then, slide it down further around your neck. Wear it like a necklace or a collar. After that, you can begin pulling your hair out. Do it from underneath your Lululemon headband. Then, get your hairbrush. Gently comb your hair to take out any tangles. Hair tangles may appear when your slide a Lululemon headband over your hair.
Double-check if you have worn your Lululemon headband properly. Look for the non-slip portion. You won’t miss it. It is rubberized. See to it that it is facing towards your skin. Otherwise, you have to put it on again. The rubberized portion is responsible in keeping your Lululemon headband from easily slipping off or from becoming loose.

If you wish to wear it firmly, pull your Lululemon headband up. Wait until you feel that it is already wrapping your head around. That should do the trick.

Have fun wearing your Lululemon headband. You can try it with your hair either up or down.


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