How To Wear a Mini-Skirt

A mini-skirt is a powerful piece in any woman’s wardrobe. This item speaks to the crowd and says, “Come look at me!” HOW to wear it?

First, you must know WHO should wear it. Actually, as long as you are a confident woman who at least has hygienic legs—clean, shaved or waxed, you can wear a mini-skirt. If you are demure or conservative, do not try wearing this because you will just end up covering your legs all the time.

After the WHO, it is also important to know WHAT kinds of mini-skirts there are. If you think that with that size, there are limited options, you are wrong. The difference lies in the fabric used (like denim, cotton, silk, satin, etc.) and also in the space it provides (such as a tight or flowing mini-skirt). Another factor to differentiate mini-skirts is the cut—there are the pleated, the A-line, the bias cut, and the wrap-around varieties. Now that you know the what’s and the who’s, here are the ways that a mini-skirt can be worn:

  1. For summer, you can wear the mini-skirt with a sleeveless top and flip-flops or sandals.
  2. For a daytime party or family gatherings, choose the denim mini-skirt with a simple blouse.
  3. For school, choose a T-shirt or a long sleeve V-neck as top. Wear the skirt with leggings or tights. You might not be able to concentrate on the lessons if you keep on looking at your minis. You can wear your boots also with your mini-skirt in school.
  4. For parties, there are several ways you can wear this fabulous bottom: 
  • Mini-skirt without accessories - simply be dressed in an appropriate top
  • Mini-skirt with chain belt - This is for a more funky feel
  • Mini-skirt with high heels - Of course, wear this at your own risk. This outfit can go perfectly or be a super no-no, depending on the person who wears it and the type of heels worn
  • Mini-skirt with flats - This is suitable for house parties because it still has a casual appeal
  • Mini-skirt with stylish leggings or tights - There are leggings that have patterned or netted designs that look good under a mini-skirt

For all these occasions, these are other points to remember:

  • Choose a top that matches. Be it a shirt, a blouse, with a jacket or with a blazer, make sure that the color, design and fabric look well together
  • To determine the correct shoes, wear the outfit with the shoes and try to model it around your room. The footwear must not make you conscious of the skirt you are wearing
  • Sit properly, and when you need to pick something up from the floor, follow the correct posture. Bend your legs to the floor, not just at your waist.
  • If you have bruises on your legs, apply make-up. People might notice that one tiny imperfection, rather than your overall look.


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