How To Wear a Ponytail

The ponytail isn't just for little girls. Teens and older women can pull off a ponytail too. The secret is knowing how to wear it properly. Here are some ways you can wear a ponytail.

Step 1

Wear a side ponytail. Pull off a Nicole Richie look with this flattering ponytail. Start by adding a few waves to your hair with a curling iron or Velcro rollers. Then, using your fingers, sweep your hair into a ponytail. (Don't use a brush. This needs to look ‘thrown together'.) Secure the ponytail a few inches to the left or right of your head using an elastic. If you want, you can cover the elastic with a few strands of hair by wrapping some around the elastic and securing it with a bobby pin. Secure your side ponytail in place with a little bit of hairspray. This ponytail look is sexy for day or night.

Step 2

Go for a sleek, classic ponytail. If you'd rather look like Salma Hayek and have a ponytail pulled back at the crown of your head, try these easy steps. Blowdry your hair straight and use a straightening iron if you need to. Using a brush or a comb, gather your hair at the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic. Make sure there are no runaway hairs or frizzy spots by completing this look with hairspray and a fine-toothed comb. You may even want to add shine as you wear this ponytail by using a shine serum. This ponytail is fun and sophisticated and works for just about any look.

Step 3

Wear a ponytail with some volume. You can spruce up the classic ponytail by adding some volume to your hair just in front of the ponytail. To do this, put your fingers in your hair just above your ears. Run them straight upward and grab all of that collected hair together in one hand. Using a comb, tease the roots of this chunk of hair and then add some hairspray to help it keep its volume. Let loose of the chunk of hair slightly and then pull all of your hair back into a ponytail. Secure it with an elastic, and you'll have that sexy Jamie-Lynn Sigler look in just a few minutes.

Step 4

Go for the cheerleader look. If you're still young enough to get away with it, a cheerleader ponytail may be just the look for you to wear today. It's a very high ponytail that sits atop your head while the rest of your hair is sleeked back. (Yes, higher than the classic ponytail.) Start by blowdrying your hair with mousse in it. Pull all of your hair to the very top of your head, brushing out any lumps as you go. Use a thick elastic band to hold the ponytail in place. Then give the ponytail a little bit of character by teasing the hair just at the root of the ponytail. It should separate your hair and bring more bounce to your ponytail. Add some hairspray to keep this style in place. And if you like, you can wear a headband with this ponytail for a super-cute ‘do.


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