How To Wear a Scarf Over a Dress

A scarf is one of the most flexible accessories you can have. That is why people say that investing on scarves is never a waste. Scarves can be used as headbands, ponytails, bracelets, belts, necklaces, and bag accessories. There is an endless list on how you can use a scarf. Trying it over a dress will make you looking elegant and interesting. Of course, that is, if you have worn the scarf the right way.

There are rules and great ideas on how you should wear a scarf over a dress. You don't just tie it around your neck or let it hang from your shoulders. The tips below will guide you on the best way to wear a scarf over a nice dress:

  • Choose the right scarf. The rule of thumb here is to wear solid color over printed one and vice versa. So, if you have flower-printed dress, better go with a solid color scarf. Also, if the dress is dark, then the scarf should be light color. For instance, if the dress is black, then go with a colorful scarf. Remember, the scarf will be used to highlight the best part of your body. So, it should be noticeable.
  • Drape it over one shoulder. This style is applicable for more formal wear and if your scarf is long enough. You will look ridiculous if you drape a scarf over your shoulder if it can only reach your chest. The ideal length should reach the hips. The reach should be the same with your front and back.
  • Hang it from your shoulder. This is the same as the drape over, only that you will place the other end of the scarf over the other shoulder. The scarf will look like hanging from your neck. This style will be pretty if you'll wear a jacket or coat over your dress. Winter days will be warmer with this scarf-wearing style. If your dress has lapels, better put the scarf under the lapels.
  • Tie the scarf. Get instantly slimmer by tying a long scarf like a necktie. The only difference is that you will tie the scarf like knotting two ropes together.
  • Turn it to a belt. If your scarf is long enough, you can tie it around your waist. This will give more attention to your waist, so, do this only if that is your best spot. Simply tie it like a ribbon to keep it in place.
  • Use a brooch. Do you have a lovely brooch that can go well with the dress? Hang the scarf from your neck. Instead of leaving it that way or tying it, use a brooch to keep the two side together.
  • Wrap it around your neck. Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it by making a ribbon. A brooch can be used to keep the two ends together.

Besides wearing the scarf over your dress, why not try to wear it around your arms or on your sandals? That scarf can be used in various ways. It's impractical to keep it doing only one thing. Better experiment and explore of your scarf options.


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