How To Wear a Suit

Looking good isn't just about what you wear, but more so how you wear it.  Anyone can go and buy and expensive suit to make himself look better, but not everyone knows how to wear a suit properly.  It isn't about how much you spend, but rather how you wear the suit that makes the difference.

Step 1

Fit.  The first thing you do after you buy a suit is go to get it tailored.  Having your suit tailored to fit your body dimensions will help with how the suit fits and looks.  This can make you look slimmer or taller and therefore improve your appearance.

Step 2

Shirt.  Now that you have picked out a suit that you like, the next thing you need is a shirt to go with it.  Make sure you do not clash styles and stick with stripes, solids, or checks for everything.  Clashing these different designs can add confusion to the suit.

Step 3

Tie.  You will want to pick out a tie that goes with the shirt.  Don't be afraid to pick out something a little different, like a pink tie, or something that has a unique design.  The tie can add some spice to the whole suit and make it look great.

Step 4

Belt and shoes.  For accessories, you will need to find matching shoes and belt.  Finding the right combination of shoes and belt can take the look of your suit to the next level, and make it really look great.

Step 5

Posture.  How you hold yourself while wearing a suit can really make a difference.  Make sure you hold your shoulders high, and make them look broad.  Also pick up your feet when you walk and have a good stride.

While a suit can make you look good, knowing how to wear a suit can make you look great.

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