How To Wear a Top Hat

Top hats are commonly used by sophisticated, those with high fashion sense, classy, elegant and fashionable society people. Today, top hats are used in theatrical scenes and are usually worn together with suspenders and tap shoes.

Though ladies don't usually wear top hats nowadays, they were once a popular women's accessory paired with an ultra tight tailored tuxedo back in the 19th century.

You can wear them on a musical festival (make sure that you don't block anyone's view), on a sophisticated party, or even in a costume party. You have to be creative in wearing them but remember to pair appropriate clothes to your crowning touch.

Here are some tips to help you in wearing your top hats.

  • Wear them with pride. Observe the famous top hat wearers like Uncle Sam, Abraham Lincoln, John Wayne, W.C. Fields, Lord Ribblesdale and Fred Astaire. Take note of their attitude and how they wear the top hat.
  • Search for other top hat wearers and observe their fashion. You can get some idea on the following icons: Britney Spears, Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, Ebeneeze Scrooge, The Mad Hatter, Mary Kate Olsen, and even the ever famous Cat in the Hat. Choose which path is more applicable to you.
  • You have to position the hat properly. Contrary to some beliefs, top hats are worn on one side and slightly tilted forward. It should never be worn levelling your head.
  • Try matching your hat with different accessories. You may just find something that can be your trademark. Some use pipe, cane and monocle to give justice to their "monopoly guy look."
  • It is best to wear top hats traditionally. These include weddings, proms, a formal cruise dinner, symphony or in a stage presentation like classical theatres.
  • You can also add it to your costume during parties and holidays. Parents also use top hats as a part of their children's wardrobe during stage plays, oral declamation and musicals.
  • Top hats are also popular during New Year's Eve. You can be creative and put some diaper on your top hat and be the New Year's Baby.

The normally used top hats are commonly black, and hard. Modern top hats have fur on it. The standard top hat colors are based on the traditional models. These are white, grey, black and some daytime racing colors (colorful top hats we're usually worn during Royal Ascot or races and commonly matched with a morning dress).

Top hats symbolize independence, flamboyance and health. You should keep in mind that though they can be used to bring flair to your fashion statement, top hats are from the sophisticated contemporary era and once became a symbol of elegance and royalty.

It also symbolizes the position "Worshipful Master" to the freemasonry. The "Worshipful Master" is the only one who is allowed to wear the top hat as a sign of his leadership. They commonly send top hats as gifts to welcome a new leader or when their leader ended his term


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