How To Wear Five Alternatives to Mascara

Mascara, if properly used, can be a very good cosmetic to use to highlight your eyes and eyelashes. Yet, for some women, using mascara can be problematic, too. For example, some women's eyes easily get irritated with mascara because they have overly sensitive eyes. Some women dislike mascara because it tends to smear or clump when it comes in contact with sweat or tears. This can be a huge source of embarrassment under hot weather. Mascara can also make your eyes or eyelashes appear unnatural if you apply too much of it. The good news, however, is that there are five alternatives to mascara which you can wear without much dislike. Read on for the tips.

  • Clear Mascara. Many people think that mascara is only black. There's actually clear mascara. Since it is transparent, it won't create black smudges or smears under the eyes when it comes in contact with water, sweat, or tears. However, it also tends to make your eyelashes appear glossy. Unlike the usual mascara, a clear mascara doesn't usually enhance your eyelashes or eyes as dramatically. You're lucky if your eyelashes are naturally dark, but if your eyelashes are light colored, you won't get as much enhancement as you would with dark mascara.
  • Lash Curler. You can also use an eyelash curler to emphasize your lashes and eyes. Eyelashes that curl subtly upwards enhance the appearance of your eyes. You can even combine this technique with the application of clear mascara or some other similar alternative. Just use the standard lash curlers. There are heated lash curlers available, but they are expensive and the standard curlers work just as well.
  • Vaseline. This is another alternative that you can use in place of regular mascara. It makes your eyelashes look glossy. The trick is to apply Vaseline thinly using cotton swabs. Though, just like clear mascara, Vaseline paints a colorless and transparent layer on your eyelashes, so it doesn't give you the same dramatic enhancement as regular mascara. However, the advantage of Vaseline is that it does not clump or create dark smears or smudges when it comes in contact with liquids.
  • Eyeliners. Instead of using clear mascara or Vaseline as substitute for regular mascara to enhance your eyes, you can use an eyeliner. If you line your upper and lower eyelids, the dark brown line along your lash line will make your eyes "pop" and be emphasized.
  • Create Your Own. Most mascara formulations are hypoallergenic, which means they generally won't cause any allergic reactions to their consumers. Some people, however, prefer to make their own homemade mascara using ingredients easily accessible from shops and drug stores. The common ingredients used are castor oil and activated charcoal. The latter is usually sold as tablets or capsules and are often used to treat gas pains. The process is simple. Just mix the charcoal and the oil until a thick paste is formed. Then, apply the paste to your lashes using a mascara wand or Q-tips.

Not all mascara-enhanced eyelashes actually use mascara. These five alternatives to conventional mascara can help you achieve the same effects.


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