How To Wear Foundation

Do you want the fastest and easiest way to get that flawless-looking skin? Wearing the right foundation can do the trick. Many women around the world surely understand how important it is to wear foundation for a makeup to work perfectly. The problem is, many women tend to wear foundation the wrong way, leading for some to look strange. You don’t want to end up looking like a zombie, so, follow the steps below if you’ll be wearing foundation:

  • Discover the right formula for your skin. Not all women need to wear foundation. The most fashionable makeup is wearing as little as possible. A tinted moisturizer can already hide mild discoloration for good skin. People with dry skin should use creamy formula. Combination and oily skin will look its best with an oil-free formula, cream, or powder foundation.
You don’t need to cover your entire face with the formula. Put it only on areas that need them. For instance, oily spots should be applied with matte lotion while non-oily spots won’t need it.
  • Choose the perfect shade. The secret to wearing the perfect foundation is choosing the perfect shade. Try about three shades that are closest to your natural skin color. Draw a vertical line of each of those shades on your jaw line. Blend each of your chosen shades on your skin. Wait for some minutes and see which one blends well with your skin. The perfect foundation shade should leave no visible mark.
  • Apply the foundation. There are three general ways on how to apply the foundation. Some put it on with a sponge while others are happier with a foundation brush or their fingers. There is no single best technique, though. You need to discover which technique best suits your needs and your skills. Experts advise that using sponge when applying foundation will produce the lightest result. Darker foundation will be achieved when using a foundation brush. But if you want the heaviest foundation, your fingers can help you with that.
Most women will usually apply the foundation on the entire face and neck. This is not necessary, though. Instead, try to put foundation only on the necessary spots.
Dab some foundation on portions that need coating like your discolored or oily areas. Besides, the foundation will perfectly blend with your natural skin so it will not be very obvious. Apply some foundation on the neck, too, so your face and neck will be of the same tone.
  • Finishing touch. Seal the foundation with a light layer of loose powder. This should help the foundation be kept in place. Remove the excess powder using a tissue paper.

As much as possible, prepare your face before you start applying the foundation. Wash it, wipe it clean with astringent or toner, and then apply moisturizer. Starting your makeup with a clean face will prevent any irritation and it will also add more natural look for your makeup.

After applying the foundation, you are now ready to put on some makeup. A great makeup needs a great hairdo and outfit, too. It’s important that your outfit and hairstyle will go well with your makeup if you want to achieve the perfect fashion.


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