How To Wear Hair Bangs

One of the easiest and most effective ways to look younger than your real age is by wearing bangs. The fringe has a youthful aura that takes years off your age. But this doesn’t work for all people, especially if you happen to have terrible bangs. There are various types and looks of bangs that choosing should be careful. There are various considerations when wearing hair bangs. Without thinking of these things, you might end up wearing terribly designed bangs.

Should you have the full bangs, the baby bangs, or side-swept bangs? Consider the following things when deciding on the perfect bangs style:

  • Hair condition. Bangs are perfect for people with healthy hair. If you happen to have oily hair, better think twice if you should wear bangs or not. Oily hair and chemically damaged hair will be difficult to design with bangs. You might look terrible with bangs if your hair falls to any of these two categories.
  • Hair length. Long hair is better with full bangs while short hair is better with bangs as long as the hair.
  • Hair type. Thin hair strands will need special attention when making bangs out of it. Full bangs will never be okay if you have thin hair. Better go with the side-swept bangs so that the thinness of your hair will not be so obvious.
  • Facial shape. This is the most critical consideration when wearing bangs. Follow the guide below when selecting bangs style based on your face’s shape:
  • Oval. You are lucky to have this face shape. You can wear any hair style and any bangs style. But still, the perfect bangs style should be chosen by considering other factors like the hair type, length, condition, and texture.
  • Round. Feathered or softly layered bangs will be best for people with round face. The bangs should be hugging the cheeks so that the roundness of the face will be minimized.
  • Long. Long and graduated layers for the bangs will shorten the look of a long face. With this bangs style, a long face can achieve oval shape.
  • Square. Long, side-swept bangs will be best for people with square face. The bangs should be as long as it can touch the jaw. This style will soften the facial lines and the square face.
  • Heart. Full bangs will be great for heart-shaped faces. Side-swept is also okay for this shape.
  • Triangular. Try wide bangs that are wispy, texturized or feathered. This style will balance the triangular face and achieve an oval shape.

It’s always helpful to talk with a professional hairdresser before you decide on the bangs style to wear. Besides the overall feature of your face, the bangs should also go well with your body type and height. A good hairdresser is skilled enough to create the perfect bangs for you.

Once the bangs are done, you still have the obligation to make it always look stylish. Ask your hairdresser on how to blow dry the bangs so you’ll always have the perfect look. Experiment on different techniques, too, like towel-drying the bangs or blow drying them when soaking wet. You’ll discover that different techniques will provide different finishes. The more you experiment, the more you’ll get used to styling your bangs and make them look perfect all the time.


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