How To Wear Hairlocs

Hair is the crowning glory of women. Yet, men also care for their hair since it adds to their appeal. Some want to wear their hair long, some don’t. Some want their hair curly, some don’t. People have their own preferences, which, of course, can change from time to time. Human beings have devised a painless solution where there’ll be no need to grow your hair again for you to enjoy a longer hair. The solution? Hairlocs.

These are hair extension systems. They use human hair to extend your own hair. In this hair extension system, the process does not involve braiding, sewing, or adhesive. This is a safe and painless way to extend the length of your hair.

Hair extensions add a little volume or length to your hair. These extensions may also be your highlights. So, you don’t need to worry about chemicals damaging your own hair. You don’t even have to worry about the fate of your hair once you curl it because you’d be curling your hair extension and not your own natural hair. Fact is, the extensions will not damage the existing hair. Hairlocs can also be applied in minutes. If you want, you can go to a stylist or a professional to have your hair extension custom-made so it would perfectly fit you and your own personality.

Here some more tips for wearing hairlocs:

  • Choose an appropriate color. You may want to choose a color that matches your own hair. Or, if you want your hairlocs to serve as highlights, choose a brighter or lighter color than your natural hair's.
  • Wash your hair extensions as if they were your natural hair. Hairlocs are quite durable. More than that, they're also less prone to get tangled. Yet, this is no reason for you not to be careful when handling your hairlocs.
  • Comb the hairlocs to untangle your natural hair. If your natural hair underneath is in tangles, you can comb it to untangle it. How to do that? Comb it along with the hairlocs.
  • Dry your hairlocs in the same way you would dry your natural hair. You can just let it dry on its own after washing, or speed up the drying by using a blow dryer. Avoid setting the blow dryer to very high temperature. It may damage the hairlocs, just as it may damage natural hair.
  • Trim your hairlocs. You can style and trim your hairlocs, just like you would your natural hair. If you want a layered cut, go ahead and trim the ends. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to trim the ends because hairlocs may look rather artificial if the edges are sharp.
  • Cover your hairlocs with a silk scarf when you sleep. You can also use a silk cap, or a satin scarf or cap. Avoid letting your hairlocs touch your cotton sheets or pillows.

Hairlocs are revolutionary inventions. Provided you care enough for them and you care for them properly, you will enjoy longer hair that doesn't require much maintenance.


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