How To Wear Hijabs

The word Hijab is Arabic and means curtain, or cover. In Islam, Muslim women use a Hijab as a head dress or cover for their heads in order to cover their faces.

In Islam, it is shameful for women to expose too much of their bodies. In covering their faces and hair with a Hijab, women are practicing modesty, which promotes lack of attention on the body, face, and hair. The rules of Hijab include covering the face, hair and body, in addition to not focusing the eye on the opposite sex. Additionally, men and women are not allowed to touch the opposite sex; they are required to be respectful to one another. The Hijab is used by women to cover the face and hair in order to deflect beauty and promote modesty. This article will focus on how to properly use and wear a Hijab.

Before you begin, it is important to know that those who wear Hijabs usually wear a cotton under-scarf. This allows your hair to become completely covered and does not allow the hair to slip out. Additionally they add color, style, and personal flair to the Hijab itself.

First, select your Hijab - this is traditionally a long, square, black piece of cotton fabric. Put it over the cotton under scarf with equal parts of fabric extending on each side of the head. The Hijab usually extends past the shoulders to add extra modesty, which does not allow the chest or shoulders to be exposed. Traditionally, most women pin the fabric right under the chin, which is the most simplistic way to wear the Hijab.

For added flair, instead of having equal parts of fabric on each side of the head, you can opt to shift more fabric on one side than the other and then pin under the chin with a Hijab pin. Hijab pins are special pins which will not snag or tear the fabric. After the fabric is pinned under the chin, take the shorter side of the fabric and sweep the fabric across the chest and onto the opposite shoulder and secure with a pretty broach.

If you would like to try something even more fashionable, you can take the shorter piece of fabric. Instead of draping and pinning the fabric to the opposite shoulder, you can instead tuck the shorter piece into a shirt and take the longer piece and wrap it across the neck, making sure not to pull it too taut, and pinning it over the top of the head or near the ear.

These simple methods of wearing a Hijab allow fashionable yet modest flair.


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