How To Wear Lipstick so Your Teeth Look Whiter

There are many ways to make your teeth appear whiter, such as whiteners, regular brushing and visits to the dentist. But do you know that the application of lipstick can do the same effect? Through the technique of contrast, the shade of your lips can make your teeth stand out, as well. A well-chosen lipstick can also highlight any teeth whitening procedure you underwent, making sure than the money you spent isn’t obscured with poorly-applied makeup.

Here are some ways to wear lipstick so your teeth look whiter:

  • Wear red lipstick with blue undertones. It can also make the surrounding skin appear glowing, as well. Pink or violet shades like burgundy and rose are effective in making teeth look whiter. Berry lipsticks carry a range of hues that will work for you. Begin with a wispy coat of lip primer then use your fingers to apply the lipstick from the center of your lips towards the sides. Press your lips on to some paper towel a few times to leave a berry stain.
  • Avoid lipstick with yellow undertones. This will accentuate the yellowish stains on teeth, making it more apparent. Do not use orange or brown tones, as well, which will make your teeth look stained even if it’s clean and bright.
  • Stay away from hues close to your skin tone. This is not enough to create the contrast that makes teeth look whiter. A stronger difference in color will make your teeth appear better. Also choose gloss over matte finishes as the latter make your teeth look dreary. Give yourself a quick view-over before going back to your friends or stepping out of the house.
  • Always put on lip gloss. If you don’t have the time to put on lipstick for short errands, put on a little lip gloss. Bare lips make your teeth look unappealing. Keep a spare lip gloss in your purse for freshening up when you need it.
  • Try several lipsticks before purchasing. Use a mirror with a concave surface for a close-up effect and try to evaluate the lipstick in daylight conditions. Choose shades that whiten your teeth best while complimenting the rest of your face. Always remove your current lipstick with eye makeup remover before trying on a new color as opposed to rubbing it off with tissue; the rubbing will make your lips redden, affecting the final result. Don’t just sample the lipstick on your fingertips; while it is more sanitary, you won’t see the contrast to your teeth the way actual lip application can do. You can also borrow lipstick from friends to check which hues are the best for the effect you’re creating. Complement your lipstick with a similar shade of lip liner.
  • Don’t get the lipstick on your teeth. Check regularly with a compact mirror and inspect your teeth for lipstick stain. Do this especially after eating a snack or a meal. Lipstick-stained teeth are much more distracting than yellow teeth.

For an added effect, use a soft brush to gently rub red food coloring on your gums. This will make your gums look healthier and your teeth whiter in contrast. Be careful not to get the food coloring on your teeth. Continue brushing your teeth regularly and use teeth whitener to increase the whiteness of your teeth.


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