How To Wear Vibrant Eye Shadows

Don't restrict your makeup to dull, skin-tone colors. You can wear colorful and vibrant eye shadows. The trick is knowing the proper way to apply and wear them. This guide will teach you how to wear vibrant colors and pull off a great look.

Step 1

Choose the right colors. When you decide to wear vibrant eye shadows, you can't get away with every color. There are some shades of eye shadow that will just work better on your skin than others. When you're shopping for eye makeup, choose colors that work well with your eyes and your skin color. Your eye shadow should make your eyes pop, yet not be too overwhelming for your skin tone. Blue shadows are great for blue eyes, and softer shades like purples and pink are fantastic on women with darker eyes and skin. Purchase products that will make your skin and eyes look great.

Step 2

Use more than one shade of eye shadow. In order to wear vibrant eye shadows, it's best to wear more than one shade. Choose a light shade and a darker shade to pull off that vibrant look.

Step 3

Apply your vibrant eye shadow. To begin the process of applying your eye makeup, start with the lightest shade of eye shadow that you want to use. Using a small brush, apply it to the portion of your eyelid that is just above your eyelashes, from one side of your eye to the other. Follow this makeup application with your darker, more vibrant shade of eye shadow above it. Make sure you get this color all the way into the crease of your eye, as well as a little bit on top of the first, lighter color you applied. To get rid of the line between the two shades of eye shadow, blend the two eye shadow colors together using your finger. Your eyes should pop.

Step 4

Keep your other makeup light. If you decide to use vibrant eye shadow, the rest of your makeup has to be subtle. The rule of thumb is that you can only focus on one area of your face to highlight with makeup. So if you've got vibrant makeup on your eyes, everything else needs to be light. Your lip color should be relatively natural toned. Not only will this keep the attention on your vibrant eyes, but it will also prevent any of your makeup colors from clashing with your vibrant eye shadows.  


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