How To Wrap Hair in a Silk Scarf

Wrapping your hair with a silk scarf before you sleep at night is a good habit that can help make managing hair easier. This will not only prevent your hair from drying but it also makes your hair easier to comb since it will not be tangled when you move while sleeping. Silk is recommended as a wrapping material since this is soft and smooth to your hair and will not cause any breakage and frizz, unlike cotton or other rough fabrics.

Wrapping your hair when you go out especially when you will be frequently under the sun will also protect your hair from damage and dryness. Just be sure that you will wear a scarf that is fashionable for that gorgeous look. You may even set a trend like that of Jackie Kennedy's. Want to wrap your hair in silk scarf before sleeping or to create a fashionable look? Here are some steps.

Comb your hair - It is best to comb your hair before you wrap it. Use a comb that has big and wide teeth so that your hair will not be broken easily, especially when you are combing wet hair. You would like to use a brush with large bristles too. But be sure that your hair is dry.

This will also prepare your hair for wrapping, untangling hair that may have been tangled during bathing. Make sure that there will be no stray hair on your face so that it will not hinder your eyesight.

Choose a silk scarf - Silk scarves come in different shapes and sizes, but you can do something about these so that you will effectively wrap your hair. You can fold a square scarf to form a triangle before tying it behind your hair or make a headband from an oblong scarf.

Wrapping your hair - Drape the scarf onto your head making sure that the top of your head will be at the middle. Make sure that all of your hair will be covered and that there will be no loose strands. Tie the ends of your scarf at the back of your head in a way that is not too loose and not too tight either. This is to make sure that your scarf will not fall off while you are sleeping.

Make sure also that no hair will be caught in the knot. This will not only tangle your hair but it will also drag your hair as you sleep. Some even prefer knotting the scarf at the forehead so that there will be no hair caught in the knot. Wrap your hair with the scarf until you will be able so form some sort of a bun. This will also ensure that the wrapping will not also be loosened.

Wrapping your hair with the use of a silk scarf will not only protect your hair from damage but will also save you time from untangling your hair before you take a bath in the morning. Go ahead and enjoy wrapping your hair.


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