How Wig Dyeing Works

A wig is an artificial material made out of horsehair, wool, feathers, and other types of hair taken from different kinds of animals. Its basic use is either to cover the bald spots on a person’s head or to conceal person’s natural hair (for actors, espionage, or just for fun).

The process of “wig dyeing” is basically a method of coloring a synthetic group of hair using colored pigments of acrylic paint. Wig dyeing is the most commonly used technique by “cosplayers” around the globe. Since coloring their natural hair with different types of chemicals is costly and increases the chance of damaging their hair, wearing a colored wig would be the best alternative. Wig dying is also useful for men and women of old age because they do not have to buy different kinds of wigs with different colors, not unless the wigs that they are buying have different haircuts.

The whole process of wig dyeing goes through several steps and these steps are quite easy to follow actually. Now before we start, here are some safety precautions that you might have to follow to avoid possible skin irritations and eye injuries.

  • It is advisable that you wear proper safety goggles and rubber gloves to protect your hands in making contact with the chemicals that you will be using in the process. If you have a plastic apron, then it would be best if you wear it too.
  • Moving on to the next step, choose a piece of wig that you would like to experiment on. You could also cut the strands of hair just to add style on your hairpiece.
  • Now in buying a set of coloring chemicals or acrylic paints, choose the ones, which are environmentally safe. You could also ask the shop clerk for suggestions in picking radiant color types so that the wig would look natural when you wear it. It would be best if you already have the color printed on a nice sheet of paper to match to lessen the effort of finding the right color that you want.
  • Have a shallow container ready – preferably plastic. The size of the container should be just right for the wig to fit on it. Cover the plastic container with an aluminum wrap then place the wig inside it.
  • Get a brush and comb the wig in a single direction with your other hand supporting one end of your hairpiece. Now carefully apply the acrylic paint on the wig and use a different brush for color application. Keep on brushing until all the strands of the wig are visibly covered with paint.
  • Then let the paint dry for 15-30 minutes and then apply the second layer of paint. Remember to keep combing the colored hair using the other brush so that the wig would not look strangled after the drying process.
  • After the drying process, take the wig out of the plastic and hang it on a rack. Spray a little amount of clear acrylic to make the hair stands look a bit shiny and more natural. Let it dry for about 5-10 minutes and there you have it.

You can also use a perfume spray to remove the chemical odor that might still be present when you applied the acrylic paint. Always brush your wig with soft bristled brush to maintain the hair’s “natural” shine.


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