How To Know the Latest Multifunctional Watch Models

What started as a pocket watch became a wristwatch when Louis Cartier was asked by his friend Alberto Santos-Durmont to create an easier-to-use watch than the typical pocket watch. Cartier presented Durmont with a leather-band wristwatch which the latter never parted from. Soon enough, everyone got into the wristwatch-fever. Like everything else though, classic watches were developed into multifunction watches. While some are created out of necessity, some are just for fashion and fun.

Do you always forget what day it is? People who need somebody to keep reminding them the present date are probably the first customers to buy watches that display the day, date or both. Watch enthusiasts love watches that show the lunar phase. Coaches admit that watches which can function as a stopwatch and compass are very helpful during training.

You love music? Chinese watches have been incorporated with MP4 and FM radio. Mainland suppliers state that 40% of productions are focused in the creation of multifunctional watches. These watches come with English instructions (thank goodness!), earphones and a mini USB cable. Not only that, bookworms don't need to walk around carrying volumes of reading materials since watches now support ebook browsers which you can auto scroll to the next page. Yeah, Twilight and Harry Potter books are still collectibles, but you don't want them getting dirty and crumpled, so it's better to read their ebook version when you're outside. With electronics getting tinier and cheaper, watches are easily incorporated with video games and digital cameras. Cool watches like these are very marketable to teens and kids, with black being the favorite color.

Several companies have thought of putting a computer in a wristwatch. Amazing, isn't it? Seiko Ruputer was the only programmable computer watch that was launched in the market. Though it could have come in handy, it didn't become popular. Small screens might be cute but, as a computer, viewing only a handful of data is a bit awkward. Using a joystick as its input device makes it less user-friendly.

While cell phones are built with system clocks, there are wristwatch phones that function exactly like a cell phone. You can even see the antenna on the side. It has a Bluetooth and 1.4 inch touch screen with full screen handwriting input. It also vibrates when there's an incoming call. Includes camera, video player, TF card, own ringtone. What else can you ask for? Oh, it also has a scheduler and alarm clock. Based on reviews, Van Der Led WM2 is a perfect combination of style and functionality, with the price of $471.

Expensive watches are usually collectibles, their craftsmanship being valued at more than the accuracy of time. The world's most expensive watches are luxury watches from well-known brands. Adorned with diamonds and other gems, the watch becomes dressed merely to impress.

There is an expensive watch though, that protects the wearer from electromagnetic pollutants. Teslar watch claims to have a special chip that strengthens the human's electromagnetic field. This shields the wearer from harmful energy coming from cell phone and other electronic devices that could cause male infertility and childhood leukemia. The makers have not claimed total protection from such elements but according to users they have experienced calming effects and improved concentration.  

As tools of innovation, multifunction watches will continue to grow and evolve. What will they do next?


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