How To Look Attractive

Tips for Men

To become an eye-catching man, you have to cultivate the attractive traits in your personality, identify your strengths and use them in your favor.

Here are four important tips on how to boost your ego and become the man you long to be.

  1. Attraction.  Attraction is measured by features that are eye-catching to  women. To achieve this, one must develop those characteristics that make you more attractive.  It is important to take care of your physical appearance but a man's physique is not as important as you may think it is. Short men get women, even fat men do. However, if you are trying to be attractive then do take care of yourself. Being in shape is definitely a plus. If you're overweight, lose it by exercise and cutting down on carbohydrates and sugar.  Accentuate all of your best features, not only your looks. Don't underestimate the attractive power of communication, for example.  A quick-witted man is attractive regardless of his appearance. You must learn to portray a single and independent man that is attractive to women.
  2. You are what you project.  When you project an attitude of a loser, people see it and you are automatically branded as unattractive. To project attractiveness, a man must learn to move and sit. Also, if you don't feel confident, walking straight and in a relaxed manner makes you look like you are.  Here are other aspects to pay attention to:
    • Sit and relax. Your movements should be smooth, subtle but not slow. Make eye contact with whom you are speaking to. Never, ever look at the floor.
    • Don't use words like: "uhhh," and "hmm." They make you seem uninterested.  Don't be vague but don't overdo it in conversation either.
    • Tone of voice.  Listen to radio announcers. These men have practiced. You can do the same thing: cultivate a pleasant voice. This is attractive and attractive attracts.
  3. Get a hobby.  Women should not be your only interest. If you like sports, then go for it. Never say that your life is boring and empty. This is unattractive, plus, to live bored causes stress. Stand out with your sports and accomplishments.  Don't convince yourself that you are unhappy because you are not in a relationship. Instead, project how deserving you are of love; project what you have to offer.  When you are happy, it shows and is attractive.
  4. Be popular and proud of it.  There is nothing wrong with being popular. Always make friends. Women will see this and appreciate it. Keep in mind that there are women who resist popular's a security thing. But the majority of women will be attracted to your popularity.

When you start becoming popular, making other people admire you, people follow you and look up to you...and the women will follow.  Go for it!


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