How To Know New Fashion Designers in Couture

There is clothing, there is fashion, and then there's ‘couture'. In the world of fashion and beauty, the ultimate fashion designs are called ‘couture'. To be ‘couture' means to be the pinnacle of fashion, the high-end brand of style, to be new and current, and to be ultimately desired even by fashion peers.

Couture fashion features gowns, evening dresses and bridal wear. French designers have always been the leader of the pack. British designers are also catching up in the couture world. Yearly, the fashion industry is looking for the next ‘it' when it comes to high-end fashion. Off the rack items simply won't cut it.

Couture Fashion Week is attended by the who's who in the fashion industry. As long as you see that designer in the Couture Fashion Week, you definitely know its not just ordinary fashion. Below is the list of some of the designers joining the highly coveted ‘couture' status who joined the Couture Fashion Show 2009.

  • Andres Aquino
  • Dany Atrache
  • Catalin Botezatu
  • Jorge Diep
  • Linda Ellis
  • Nina Gleyzer
  • Soucha Couture
  • Space Couture
  • Sushma Patel
  • Nedret Taciroglu
  • Vocce Couture

What make them stand out are definitely their designs and their capability to work with different materials to make fashions that come out elegantly. These designs are one of a kind, and admired even by their circle of competitors. They can play around with colors (although black will always be the color for elegance) and fabrics yet deliver the most sophisticated dresses for the season.

These designers had professional and academic training that led them to the runway of Couture Fashion week.

Soucha, who graduated from Academia Della Moda in Florence, Italy, owns Soucha Couture for one of the most famous Italian fashion schools. He then eventually started to design for Arab celebrities and stars because of his fresh take on fashion. In 1997, being young and independent, he introduced his own brand and took the fashion industry by storm. He now operates two boutiques in Cairo. Soucha Fashion is known to the Class A and Class B of Arab and Egyptian consumers. Soucha Fashion continues to expand in the region--Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It has plans for further growth in the retail market, as to develop further its casual wear and accessories.

Because of hard work, an eye for fashion, sheer talent, and a natural flair for style, these designers have made their own name in couture and will be staying in that position for a long time. No doubt these designers just keep on getting better and better with each collection. The fashion streets are never tired of them, as they keep on innovating with their designs and trends. No design is like the other because they take on different inspirations for their creations.

You can keep yourself updated with the latest in couture and fashion business by visiting websites dedicated to couture fashion. Fashion TV is also a good source to be updated with the latest names in couture. Magazines are also in the loop, as they are the ones primarily ‘selling' the couture fashion. Visit the website, for the latest news in couture.


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