How To Learn about Oscar Night Dresses

The Oscar Awards night is considered the best fashion show in the world. It happens every year in Hollywood with the world's top designers and couturiers. The most talented and beautiful actresses wear their dazzling creations as presenters and awardees. They become supermodels to a potential audience of a billion people every year.

The awards night displays different kinds of dresses and is the most watched TV event.  The process of finding the right dress to wear to the Oscar Awards starts in mid-February. That is the time when nominations of the awardees are announced. Celebrities flock to the gates of famous couture creators to have their dresses designed. They are aware that the dresses or gowns they wear will be seen by billions of people and the Hollywood elite.

Dress designers for the Oscars start creating their patterns as early as November. Oscar nominees are aware that there is a need for them to wear dazzling designs because after the awards night, their pictures will appear in newspapers and online the next day. Wearing an old style dress proves that the designer is not an Oscar fan and follower.

Fitting happens in mid-March. Celebrities are fitted with the designers' clothes wherever they may be. Top couture designers recognize that their celebrity clients can end up giving them lots of free publicity and they try to choose a dress that will grab attention at the Oscars.  For dress designers, the night is not an awards night but a chance to get their creations seen by the world. It is not important for them if the celebrity wearing their creation is a winner or not. What is important for them is the fact that an international audience sees their designs, and therefore widens their fame as a designer.

For the ordinary audience, the awards night is a huge page of a fashion magazine where sleek and flamboyant gowns can be viewed and earmarked for a shopping appointment.  Beautiful actresses (who become supermodels for the evening) line the red carpet leading to the academy awards ceremony, each in a fabulous dress.  It is an occasion where the latest trend in fashion is exhibited for the fashion-conscious individuals to emulate. The material or fabric may not be exactly copied but aspiring designers definitely steal ideas.

For businessmen, Oscar dresses collection could make a great career. Opening up a shop or boutique is a good business that could make one rich and famous. Include jewelries to accessorize your collection. You will have to settle with the fact that your Oscar dresses will be worn by a second class audience who are willing to imitate their idol celebrity (rather than the real thing!)

Oscar night dresses are often best viewed by watching the Oscars Academy Awards night. Television viewing is sometimes better than live attendance because you will be seated comfortably in your own home without spending any amount for tickets and hotel accommodations. If you are only interested in the dresses worn by your favorite celebrities, TV viewing will suffice.  Throw a party for your girlfriends and get snarky!


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