How To Decide Whether to Get Plastic Surgery Overseas

Medical tourism is booming in developing countries today, thanks to the high cost of healthcare in developed countries like the U.S. One area that has really taken off is plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. Medical tourists who once flocked to Los Angeles are now flying to India, Thailand, Brazil and other foreign countries to get breast enlargement, liposuction surgery, laser hair removal, nose reshaping, face lifts, tummy tucks, and facial cosmetic surgery.  Here we offer information on some of the trusted companies that are offering plastic surgery packages overseas.

Surgical Services International. This company specializes in offering cheap cosmetic surgery procedures in Venezuela, usually at least 50% cheaper than it would cost in the U.S. It is affiliated with two surgical facilities in Porlamar, Venezuela, namely Maternidad El Angel and Policlinica Costa Azul. Aside from cosmetic surgery, the company also offers general surgery, eye care and dental care procedures. Here's a table comparing SSI rates to the average cost of plastic surgical procedures in the U.S.

Surgical Procedure               Average U.S. Price                             SSI Price

Breast Enlargement              $6,000                                                $2,650

Facelift                                $8,500                                                $4,400

Tummy Tuck                        $8,250                                                $3,450

Cosmedic Jetaways Thailand. This company offers affordable plastic surgery performed by certified doctors at a private hospital located in downtown Bangkok, Thailand. It specializes in breast implants, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction and facelift. Patients are ensured of their privacy, since they will have their own private rooms for 2 days and 2 nights. Here's a short list of their rates.

Surgical Procedure                           Cost

Breast enlargement                          $3,500

Full Face lift / Neck lift                       $1,700

Rhinoplasty Correction Surgery

(nose reshaping)                               $1,700

Tummy Tuck                                     $4,000

Liposuction                                       $2,500

Plenitas. This is a full-service medical tourism company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its travel packages feature medical procedures along with transportation, personal assistance services and accommodation for medical travelers.  Yet, these packages remain affordable, especially for U.S. travelers, since these rates are priced at Argentinean rates. The following medical treatments are offered by Plenitas: dermatology,plastic surgery, hair transplant, bariatric surgery, odontology, assisted fertilization, and ophthalmology. Here's a short price guide to cosmetic surgery procedures offered by the company:

Surgical Procedure                           Price

Breast Implants                                $ 3,100

Buttock Implants                              $ 4,800

Penis Enhancement                           $ 3,190

Arm Lift                                           $ 3,280

Liposuction                                      $ 2,105

Tummy Tuck                                    $ 3,790

Face Lift                                          $ 4,120          

Rhinoplasty                                      $ 2,470

CosmeticVacations. This company specializes in offering cosmetic surgery packages to medical tourists visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has been featured on NBC's Today Show as one of the leading providers of cosmetic surgery services abroad. It boasts of being affiliated with board-certified plastic surgeons who are members of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Among the popular cosmetic surgery procedures it offers are breast augmentation, buttock implants, liposuction, tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, and cosmetic dentistry.  It also offers hair transplant, laser surgery for the eye, and facial surgery.

These are just some of the many medical tourism companies. You can find more online. Be cautious in choosing a company, because choosing the wrong one might result in a costly medical disaster.


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