How To Understand Popular Hair Treatment Remedies

People can be very sensitive about their hair, and rightfully so. It isn't referred to as a person's "crowning glory" for nothing, and a lot of time and effort goes into getting your hair to look exactly the way you want it. But after months and months of repeated styling, perming and coloring, your hair can begin to show visible signs of abuse. Hair breakage and thinning is not uncommon in modern society today, and of course, there is always the looming threat of male and female pattern baldness. That being said, companies have learned to take a cue from this and come up with a number of hair treatment strategies designed to keep your locks from falling off, all while retaining its natural glow and shine. If you are considering hair treatment, it might be a good idea to do a little research first.

The male hormone testosterone is the hormone that governs secondary hair growth during puberty, such as hair in the armpits and pubic area. Estrogen, on the other hand, is the female hormone that suppresses hair growth on the chin, and encourages even more hair growth on the scalp. This would naturally lead you to believe that hair treatment with estrogen is possible and effective, and you would be right. Clinical studies have shown that hair treatment involving estrogen has a positive effect on hair regrowth on the scalp, as well as preventing future hair loss.

Not a lot of people would consider diet as a type of hair treatment, but don't be surprised if I were to tell you that it does play a factor. The age-old adage comes into play at this point, since "you are what you eat". Having a diet that is rich in protein helps sustain healthy hair, as the follicles derive their nourishment and strand thickness from the protein that you consume in your meals.

Hair treatment need not always be of the chemical kind. There are a few hair treatment tips that you can employ to keep your hair complete and healthy-looking. Remember to keep your hair spotless and clean, but if you have long hair, try not to wash it more than twice a week. Many shampoos these days are formulated as being too strong on the scalp and tough on the hair, which can eventually lead to breakage. If you start noticing visible hair loss, you might want to try switching to a milder shampoo. Also, when washing your hair, avoid using hot water. The high temperature can frazzle what used to be healthy, younger looking hair. Excessive brushing is also a no. As a hair treatment, try massaging your scalp with castor or coconut oil for about ten to fifteen minutes. These oils do wonders to stimulate both your scalp and your follicles, and are able to provide a protective layer of coating to your hair, which helps minimize breakage.

Hair treatments can be quite difficult to use, especially if they are of the harsh chemical kind. Try using organic products such as gooseberry or wheat germ oil on your hair to help it get thicker and stronger. There are also quite a number of everyday household items you can use as hair treatment as well, so try and research more on home hair care treatments and remedies.


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