How To Apply Mineral Foundation

With all the recent studies about harmful chemicals in make up people have turned to using mineral based products. Mineral cosmetics allow the skin to breathe because they use natural ingredients that don't clog the pores. They block the growth of bacteria thus lessen skin irritation, if not removing it altogether. These mineral cosmetics are being sold online and at the malls. Even huge cosmetics companies are now selling mineral brands. Apart from the mineral blush, one of the best sellers is the mineral foundation. But is the application the same with applying cream or liquid foundations? Of course not. Here is the correct way of putting on mineral foundation.

  1. Wash your face first with good old soap and water. Scrub away the old skin cells. It's best to get rid of all the dirt and the previous day's makeup. Exfoliate; it takes a moment, but you should take the time for it.
  2. Put some moisturizer on your face and let it dry out a bit. This is to avoid the powder sticking to your face. You do not want that to happen. If you do not want to apply this before putting on makeup, you can skip this step.
  3. Apply your concealer first, to cover your under eye circles or pigmentation. It is best to put this first so you can get a better finish.
  4. Have a good powder brush handy. It does not have to be expensive; it just has to be a full type or something with dense soft hairs, which could get the most powder. But if you're the kind of woman who spends a bit more for makeup, try you can try a name brand brush.
  5. Brush on the powder foundation. The “a little goes a long way” saying applies to makeup minerals. Once you get the powder on the brush, don't hold it down, tap it gently and hold it up so as to hold the mineral powder the best way you could.
  6. Apply it on your face in a clockwise motion or from the outer side of the face, going inside. This assures you of a better makeup application and a fresher look.
  7. Don't forget to apply some on your neck and jaw to balance the color. This is something that gets neglected more than half of the time. You don't want to look like a different person from the head down.
  8. Apply the makeup until you feel that the color is suited to your skin tone. Just remember not to overapply because this is the usual mistake women make, and it ruins the whole effect. The best thing to do is to use only a minimal amount.

Mineral foundation is harder to put on than standard foundation. It does take a bit of getting used to before you see the result you really want.  Mineral foundation is preferred by women, because of its light-enhancing properties.  Just remember that minerals have a shorter shelf life than other types of makeup, so be sure to use your mineral makeup rather than holding on to it. Make some experiments of your own, until you find the best technique for applying it.


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