How To Pull Off 80's Fashion

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The 80's were an era often described as "New Wave," and with good reason.  Many aspects of life back in this decade broke out from the happy, laid back feel of the 70's.  Suffice it to say, everything was electrified, magnified and amplified, even fashion.  If you're looking to give a sartorial take on the 80's, here are a few tips how:

  1. Read up.  First thing you should do is read up about 80's fashion.  You can find incredible resources in old magazines, or search the Internet for style information from the 80's.
  2. Ask older people in the family. Who better to know 80's fashion than those who have been there and wore the clothes at that time?  Consult your dad or your mom about what they wore during those years.  Maybe you can dig up some old photos and check their styles for reference.
  3. The 80's style. Once you've gotten the feel of 80's fashion, it's time to be in the know about the trends that appeared during that decade.  This era is earmarked by the sporadic use of denim-blue jeans, whitewashed, dark blue ones, you name it, they have it.  And in such outlandish pairings, too.  Today it may seem weird to see a person wearing denim and a leather jacket, but that was the in thing back then. Women, then, were also fond of layering clothes.  They would often go out wearing two to three layers of shirts and bottoms, most notable of which is the leggings-skirt pairings.  Harem trousers were also a fad trend.  Basically they're straight-cut pants that are loose at the hip and narrows through the ankle part. This decade was characterized by a loud, screaming sense in fashion, which broke out from the hippie, laid-back appeal of the 70s, thus the excessive use of denim and the preference for bright, pastel colors.
  4. Pair the hair. You've got the dress, so make sure to pair it up with the hair.  The 80s was the era of the hairspray; so many men and women wore lavishly-styled and exquisitely-combed hair back then.  If you can raise your hair up to a bun, that would be great.  The men likewise had popped-up hair, but were more or less asymmetrical.  If you have curly hair, prop it up with a comb for extra thickness.
  5. Accessorize. One of the notable characteristics of 80's fashion was the plastic accessory.  From bangles, to necklaces to earrings, people wore them in droves and in bright, pastel colors.  Stack up four bangles in one wrist to make the point, and don on some plastic black necklaces to take it further.  Huge, dangling earrings were also a huge hit back then.

Once you've gotten this list down, top it all off with attitude.  Your hair and fashion makes no sense without the right attitude, so make sure you go with one.  Find out the idiosyncrasies of the people back then, and maybe try and imitate what they do, and you're surely on your way to being able to successfully pull off that rocking 80's fashion.


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