How To Pull Off Golden Globe Fashions

Golden Globe fashions are synonymous with edgy, fun, high style and design. The Golden Globes are not about the ball gowns and stiffer men’s evening looks of some of the other Hollywood award shows; this is a chance to go with a younger style, take risks and accessorize with artisan jewelry and more comfortable couture.

Men might look this year to the fall/winter styles of Vivian Westwood and Alexander McQueen incorporating bold graphics and romantic fabrics, open collars, soft scarves or ties and a mix of retro and vintage. Tight, body hugging jackets are the trend for younger men and the slenderest of the more seasoned. Soft evening pumps with no socks or silk men’s hose in accent colors could draw the cameras your way.

For women it will be signature looks, body consciousness is still a strong trend but asymmetry is coming on strong and fringe, feathers and tapestry are all making a comeback along with subtle beading and Swarovski crystals.

Hair styles are more tailored for men and fuller and styled for women.

Most importantly when taking a fashion risk, be sure you are styled coherently and with attention to a look that will photograph from a 360 degree view. Increasingly, magazines are looking for over the shoulder shots and less studied more approachable poses on the red carpet. If the day is warm, give some thought to a look that allows carrying a jacket or wrap that can easily go on and come off, offering a variety of looks.

Make up for women should again be carefully styled to carry out the totality of a fashionable look. Pomegranate, plum and berry lipstick will compete will the softest pinks and almost nude, glossed lips. Edit your look especially in accessories, wearing less jewelry especially if you are wearing heavy metallics.

Men might think about the scatter bracelet look that seems to get stronger instead of fading and add a diamond or colored stone bangle or two amidst the leathers and wovens normally assembled. Since the look is slightly Bohemian, why not add a figural pin or vintage stick pin to your lapel for a hint of sparkle?

Look to the foreign versions of the high style fashion magazines and consider a look from Asian editions of Vogue or Elle, since the Golden Globes attract the Pacific Rim journalists heavily amongst the foreign press.

Plant your tongue firmly in your cheek, and make your Golden Globe look dazzling and totally yours!


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