How To Pull off Red Carpet Fashion

The red carpet is where celebrities and fashion designers make fashion statements before a movie premiere, an awards show, a charity dinner, and other glamorous, star-studded events.   More often than not, what celebrities wear on the red carpet sets the style and mood of the clothes for that season.  Some of the dresses worn look too intimidating and high fashion for normal people, but anyone can wear red carpet fashion if they just know how.  Read on to find out how to pull off red carpet fashion.

Experiment with color. You don't need to have Marcia Cross's or Nicole Kidman's flaming red hair and fair skin to look striking in colorful dresses.  But you do need to know which shades complement your hair and skin tone best.  Generally speaking, brunettes look great in warm hues like coral and fire engine red.  Blondes look best in pastel colors. But just because you have a certain skin tone or hair color, doesn't mean that only a limited number of colors will look good on you.  Bring a friend with you when you go shopping, especially if you're buying a cocktail dress for an important occasion - and ask him or her to give honest opinions on which colors look best on you.

Make your dress or your accessories grab attention--but not both. The most stunning celebrities on the red carpet are those who wear gorgeous dresses and minimal accessories, or simple dresses and extravagant jewelry. The key to pulling off red carpet fashion is to make either the dress or the accessories stand out, but not both.  Otherwise, you're going to end up looking gaudy and cheap.  Little black dresses, solid color dresses, and dresses in neutral shades with minimal or no adornments make great backdrops for colorful jewelry, chunky bracelets, chandelier earrings, or large pendants.  On the other hand, the more beading, tiers, and ruffles a dress has, the simpler the jewelry should be.  You don't need to go bare; just show restraint by choosing small pieces.

Never dress your age. The pitfall of most women when they dress for special occasions is that they stick to what people in their age group wear.  Women in their late teens and 20's look like they're ready for prom, whereas women in their 40's and 50's look like the mother-of-the-bride in dresses that are "appropriate" for their age.  Women in their 20's can take their cue from Scarlett Johansson and pull of classic Hollywood glamour girl looks by wearing glittery gowns, lush red lipstick, and curled hair.  Mature women can look at Jane Fonda for style inspiration and do away with the stiff updo. Instead, stick to soft modern hairstyles and wear updated dresses. Long sleeves, high necklines, and long dresses make any woman look older than her age. That doesn't mean you should start wearing micro miniskirts.  Choose dresses that show of a little bit of skin, even if it's just a hint of shoulder or décolletage.

Don't be afraid to try something new. The most well dressed celebrities are also those who surprise people by wearing something new. Dabble into trends you thought you'd never give into, like this season's bondage trend.   Push the limits of your wardrobe and style and experiment with new looks.


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