How To Shop for Hats

Hats have been around for centuries in the fashion world. They are considered as one of the hottest and most in demand fashion accessories because all people wear them - from the most famous showbiz and political icons to the most ordinary citizens. Most people would only consider hats for some occasions, while some would wear them everyday, at work or at home. When shopping for hats, the shopper must always have considerations. But the real key when choosing a hat is the ability to maintain balance. The following are some tips for the hat shopper.

The 3 W's.  Before shopping, the shopper must ask the essential 3 W's of hat shopping.

  1. Why do I want a hat? The shopper may want a hat for a treat or for a specific occasion or to pamper himself or just because of the fashion trend. Whatever the reason, it is good to know that there is a reason why the shopper wants a hat.
  2. When will I wear the hat? Some answers would include formal occasions, traveling, religious occasions or for work. Some would even answer to protect them from the cold or the sun. The answer would mean a lot for the shopper because it will reflect how significant or necessary the hat would be.
  3. What do I want from it?  This is the ultimate question. Therefore, this is the justification of the shopper for his hat. He might say, "I'd like a hat to protect me" or "to look elegant" or "to finish the look of my outfit" or "to look sexy."

Here is how to find the perfect hat for you:

  • Overall Body Shape.  Everyone who wears a hat must consider his body type. For petite people or people with small body frames, choose hats with a low crown and small brim. For taller people, wide-brimmed hats and short-crowned hats are recommended. These skyscrapers must avoid hats that are narrow and angular-shaped. For normal frame people, or who are full-figured, hats that are wide and full-brimmed are the best.
  • Face Shape.  Facial contour is one of the most significant physical factors when choosing the right type of hats. Hats, fashionably speaking, are made to emphasize the head and the face. For long faces, narrow brims all the more add length to the face. Round faces are better on hats with angular shapes and high brims. It is also right that round faced people choose hats that are wider than their face. For balance, round faced people must avoid floppy-shaped, circular or round. Oval faced people can get make do with almost any style of hats. They can experiment which style best suits them, which could reflect their personality and sense of style.
  • Correct Size.  If a hat feels too loose or too tight, try to adjust to a slightly smaller or larger size. Also, avoid hats that are wider than the shoulders.

Hats will be forever considered an accessory and fashion follower should be aware of this. But as the years passed, wearing hats slowly lost its popularity.


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