The Importance of Dressing for Individuality

The way most people dress up is often dictated by norms and expectations. They always consider how they are going to appear in the eyes of other people, rather than the comfort that they get from their own style and fashion. 

Fashion usually dictates you wear what is new, what is in style and what is trendy. What is not in should be out. What is not popular should be trashed. And so when fashion experts announce that the color of the year is pink, everybody is expected to wear pink! Huge bags and over-sized hats are cool and so 21st century, so you have no right to wear regular hats and ordinary bags lest you be considered as so 70s, or worse, a fashion freak. Now, this is what you call fashion tyranny!

Dressing up is supposed to be something that a person enjoys. When you select your clothes, you should feel good about them. You don't pick a dress because all the other girls in your office own one of those styles. Now imagine if all of you wore the same dress with the same style at the same time! 

The importance of dressing for individuality cannot be brushed aside. How we dress often defines our personality, age and fashion sense. For instance teenagers have their own style and may go as punk and as hip as they want to. More mature people, on the other hand, have mellower fashion approaches, and are more likely do away with unnecessary bling-bling and distractingly loud colors.

Be that as it may, no matter what age, shape and size you are, dressing for individuality should still be the number one norm. Being a middle-aged person does not mean you cannot clothe yourself with youngish attire. A corset belt is not just for younger women. In the same way, high-heeled shoes are designed not only for women with slender figures; even women with rounder figures can sport a pair gracefully. You should not allow yourself to be dictated upon when it comes to how you dress yourself, as long as you know you look and feel good. 

In order to attain individuality in dressing, you should not limit yourself to prevailing fashion standards. Neither should you limit yourself according to people's expectations and judgmental views. Avant garde dressing for instance is often frowned upon by conservative individuals and usually regarded as odd, bizarre and extreme. But if you think avant garde is what defines you as a dresser and as an individual, so be it.

Dressing for individuality can boost your self-confidence. Don't be afraid to be in the same room with other people because you feel like a jutting blade of grass with the neon green coat you are wearing. As long as you are not going beyond ethics and you are not causing indignity to yourself, it's okay to take risks in dressing up. If you like how it feels, you like how you look, and you are not wearing anything scandalous, go ahead--dress yourself up the way you think you should!


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