Tips for Finding the Best Deal in Formal Wear

Formal occasions require formal clothes. You are invited to attend a wedding, a formal dinner party at your office, a benefit show, or perhaps your own Valentine’s date. These occasions and more require you to wear formal dress or suits. The problem is that your old clothes, which have been sitting in your closet for decades, are either too big or too small.

Formal wear costs a fortune. Yes, it does. But your tight budget and topmost priorities do not at all include expensive formal wear. What do you do? It would be improper to say no to an invitation just because you have no clothes to wear.

Here are helpful tips to find the best bargain in formal wear for your important event:

  • Look for the style that you want. It is easier to look for formal wear if you already have an idea in mind. Magazines and online sites can give you distinct designs to choose from.  It is best to consult other people about the style that you want. Remember, formal wear is supposed to make you look stunning. Ask people with the right know-how in fashion (there is always someone, a friend, your mom, etc.) on the styles and colors that will bring out the best in your looks.
  • Surf online. The Internet provides a wide selection for formal clothing. Many department stores post items, especially sale items, in their websites and portals. Instead of rummaging from mall to mall, you are able to maximize your time.  You instantly know which store has formal wear that suits your taste. You also have the opportunity to find out if the cost is within your budget instead of constantly looking at tags inside the store. You would also know at once if they have your size. If not, you can easily get the store’s contact numbers and find out if they have the available size for you.
  • Ask a local seamstress. If you have a trusted seamstress, it would not hurt to ask if she can make you an outfit and provide an approximate cost. Local seamstresses normally charge less than ready-made formal wear that you see in the stores. This is because you only pay for the labor and the professional fee. No advertising costs or other overhead costs. You will also be sure that the formal wear is properly fit to your body and will definitely flatter your physique.
  • Try Goodwill stores. These stores can give you the best deals in formal wear, if and when you get the chance to spot a good one among the racks. There are even wedding gowns in the store. You can definitely find many displays. Just make sure that you try your choice first. You do not want to spend more cash in repairs than its actual cost.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that formal wear can only do so much for your physical appearance. If you feel beautiful, everything else will follow. No matter how much the cost of your gown or tuxedo, it will always be what you feel inside that will be reflective of your look. So before you put it on, make sure to put a genuine smile on your face, think beautiful, and act beautiful.


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