How To Find the Best Fitting Plus Size Clothes

Wearing maternity girdle

Shopping for plus size clothes doesn't need to be dreadful and tiresome. Here are some tips to help you buy clothes to fit your plus-sized figure perfectly:

  • Know your measurements. If you're a woman, measure your bust size, your waistline and hips. If you're a man, measure your chest, your waistline and hips. Your body size can change, so your measurements a year ago may be different now. By knowing your current size, you could choose clothes that are tailored to fit you.
  • Shop for different brands. Some brands have fashion clothes that have plus-sized variations. Sticking to one brand may cause you to miss another fashionable plus-sized item sold in a different store. There are brands that have clothes that are designed specifically for plus-sized clients because some clothes won't look the same when altered to become larger. Plus-sized brands make well-fitting clothes that would make you look fabulous and trendy.
  • Try on clothes before buying them. You could only know whether clothes will fit you by putting them on because the sizing may not be accurate. See whether they fit you comfortably and they don't pinch nor sag at places.
  • Wear the right undergarments. When trying out clothes, make sure that you are wearing well-fitting undergarments. If you're wearing a girdle when buying clothes, you may find out that the clothes you have bought are tight for you. If you usually wear a girdle when wearing certain clothes, wear this when trying them on.
  • Choose the right fit. Avoid hiding your figure in bulky or loose clothing, because it tends to visually add pounds to your figure instead of reducing it. Also, never squeeze yourself into clothes that are a size smaller than you actually are to make you look slimmer. This would only create bulges that would attract attention to problem areas. Instead, wear clothes that hug your body comfortably: neither too loose nor tight. 
  • Choose the right length. Clothes tend to have different lengths when worn. If you have a wide waistline, pants and skirts become shorter. Also, you would look slimmer by choosing the right length of tops that covers your tummy and ends just above your hips. Make sure that your skirts and pants are just the right length so that you can move comfortably.
  • Consider the fabric. Avoid fabric that is too rough that it chafes your skin. Wear comfortable materials like cotton, but when buying cotton clothes, buy them at a size larger because cotton tends to shrink when washed. Smooth fabrics are great for your figure because they camouflage your problem areas. Avoid stiff pleats because they increase width. 
  • Let a tailor alter your clothes. If your clothes don't fit you properly or if you want to add details that will enhance your assets and hide problem areas, go to a tailor. It may be a bit expensive, but it is a good investment because your clothes will look better on you and you will feel more comfortable wearing them. Also, this will minimize the risk of ruining your clothes when they don't fit properly and prevent wardrobe malfunction.

The right fit can enhance your full figure, minimize your problem areas and make you look and feel great. The next time you go shopping, try these tips to help you out.


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