Tips for Organizing a Successful Clothing Swap

I have a lot of clothes in my closet and drawers. It is just the fashionista and shopaholic in me that makes me buy different kinds of clothes, which I rarely even wear. You can just imagine my closet bursting with clothes I do not need. I was thinking of what to do with these unnecessary garments when I received a wise piece of advice from an aunt. Her answer? Organize a garage sale or a clothing swap.

What is exciting about this idea is that you shop until you drop, without spending! This is actually what separates a clothing swap from a garage sale. The even better part is that you might even bag a shirt that you like. It is a give-and-take kind of affair.

Some people are not really bent on wearing other girls' clothes. This is normal. You have to get used to it somehow. I even had ideas such as "How clean and fragrant are those?" which, again, is perfectly normal. Before you have your clothes swapped, be sure that your garments have been washed with fabric conditioner, and have been folded or hung. This shows that the original owner of the item is neat and tidy - this counts as bonus points if you hold a clothing swap in your neighborhood.

  1. The basics. Gather the garments which you are going to swap. Ditch the old-looking ones, unless they've got the vintage style. Make them look presentable. Be open to all shapes and sizes. Select the venue for which you will organize the swap. You can have it in the comfort of your own home; just make sure your customers will have somewhere to try on the clothes. Provide full-length mirrors so the clients can see how the clothes fit.
  2. Invite your friends to come over. They can also help you to spread the word; about 20 is enough. You can also tell them to bring the clothes that they are willing to swap. You may even want to organize the whole event as group. Set the time and place for the big day. Prior to the event, tell your friends to leave their clothes at the venue so that you can arrange and classify the types of clothes. Include accessories and shoes if you like. This is ultimate shopping!
  3. On the big day, assign a member to ask for the clients' names. This is important especially when you are going to draw lots for people who would want the same article. Since auctioning would involve money, drawing lots would be the fairest thing to do to award a garment to that lucky client.
  4. Participate in the event too. You too can be a client - a "shopper." The best thing about a clothing swap is that it is meant for girl bonding. It is all fun! Try on some of your friends' shirts and accessories. In clothing swaps, you do not have anything to lose. It is actually a win-win situation.


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