How To Use Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can lengthen or add fullness to your hair. It's become very popular in the last few years, beginning with actresses and models leading the way.

Most extensions are merely strips of hair that are attached to your own hair with clips. They can completely change the appearance of your hair and style, which is one reason they are so popular. For women with fine or thin hair, extensions can make your hair look naturally thicker. If you have a short hair style, and would like to try a longer fashion, the extensions will help you achieve that look.

Before you begin the actual procedure of applying the extensions to your hair, make sure you have chosen the correct type, and go to an experienced stylist. It's important that the stylist is knowledgeable in the application of hair extensions, so your own hair doesn't become damaged by the process.

There are some extensions that are called permanent; in actuality, these are only semi-permanent. This type is woven or sewn into your hair. They are removable, but sometimes that includes soaking your hair in a very strong conditioner to remove the glue.

For a fusion type, or clip-in method, 20 to 50 strands of human extension hair are used. These are applied with warm protein glue. Using a small plastic disc with holes in it, your hair and the extension hair are separated so a portion of your hair can be glued to the extension hair, then both are pulled thru the hole in the disc. The two strands (your hair and the extensions) are then rolled together in the fingers. Your hair must be very clean and free of conditioner before this type of extension can be applied. Another method of application is simply using glue on the tip of the extension strands, with a heating tool, to bond with your own hair.

The color you choose needs to match your own haircolor as closely as possible. You also need to choose one with a similar texture to yours, such as silky or wavy. After having your extensions applied, brush your hair thoroughly with a soft-bristled hair brush.  Gently lift your hair up as you brush it. Use a hair tie to hold your hair back before going to bed. Never spray your hair extensions with hair spray, as this will cause them to slip out of place.


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