Use Your Hairstyle to Accentuate Your Features

Everyone has been given features that should be highlighted. These are the positive contours and parts of our body we need to enhance. Normally, make-up and clothes are used to show off these features. However, they are helpful but they add up to our expenses. To accentuate your features with limited cost, you can make use of hairstyles. With just a stroke of your hair in the right direction at the right time, people can notice and flatter you.

  • The first, but very important step is to have a smooth, silky and correctly textured hair. Since you want your hairstyle to accentuate your features, it must be very beautiful to look at. Make sure you wash your hair regularly. Comb it neatly and remove the dead hair and split ends.
  • If your face is small, go for the bob cut. This will make your face look bigger. For men, clean cut is the best to showcase your facial features.
  • For those with nice eyes and brows, regularly trim your bangs to prevent them from covering your assets. The bangs should be slightly above the eyes, to stress the eyes' good features.
  • If you have sexy shoulders, do not hide them. Use your hair to flaunt it by putting all of your hair to one side, face the bare shoulder and pose. This can be done while in the bar dancing (you can add a sway in the hips) or while waiting for someone in a restaurant.
  • Wearing high ponytails can put focus on your posture. Be sure that if you style your hair in a ponytail, you project a model look, meaning shoulder blades up, chest out and stomach in. This also applies to the hair in a bun style. The main difference with the high ponytails and the bun is that you can bounce your hair from left to right while walking. This is an attention-seeking hairstyle.
  • For those with clear and smooth skin, have a half-pony tail hairstyle. This will show your forehead and skin. The half-pony can also be worn by those with excess fats in the neck to hide the neck but at the same time can still show the face.
  • Now, to show off the positive features also means that the impurities must be hidden or at least not be noticed. For the horizontally challenged women, it is best to sport a long hair. The long hair can be a savior for those with bruises or rashes at the back. For formal occasions that need long, backless gowns, you just lay your hair and it can cover the skin imperfections already.
  • To add volume to a thin and lanky person, a curly hairstyle can do the trick. Just be sure you can maintain it on a regular basis.
  • Lastly, don't forget about accessorizing. Use your clips and headbands to add spice to your hair. The hairstyle can be just a blow-dried hair, but with colored hairclips and hairpins, it can be the finale to your over-all glam look.

Remember that little details can bring a big impact. These steps might be simple, but you can be assured that it is effective.


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