How To Find Vitamin Supplements for Healthy Skin

Woman holding a vitamin capsule

We all want to look good. We all want that healthy glow that no amount of make up could truly give us. We want the healthy skin that we had when we were young. Surgery and spa treatments are expensive and could take up so much time in our busy lives. Good thing there are vitamin supplements that can help achieve this.

Choices are unlimited. Supplements for healthy skin are a million dollar industry. Different brands like Aveeno, Neutrogena, etc., create different skin enhancers. You can choose from a vitamin enriched skin moisturizer, a lotion or a cream. Your skin shows what type of nutrition your body is getting therefore if you don’t get enough, it could result in pimples, wrinkles, and dryness. The following are some supplements that could result in beautiful skin.

  1. Vitamin C - It is common knowledge that this vitamin is rich in antioxidant. It could prevent free radical damage which is harmful to your skin. Vitamin C slows down the signs of aging, thus it would show youthfulness and add promise to that repetitive face and skin care. So say goodbye to those fine lines and wrinkles and hello to beautiful skin.
  2. Vitamin B Complex – This vitamin fights acne growth. It can increase your metabolism and lessen the appearance of stress lines on your face. It has the ability to lock in moisture in your skin, thus making it one of the most popular in skin repair and acting as a skin moisturizer. When applied continuously, you will notice an incredible smoothness you never had before. A certain degree of lightness is a surprising effect as well.
  3. Vitamin E – It can make you look younger. It has the same cancer fighting benefit of selenium. Vitamin E lessens your chances of getting excessive sunburn. It gives that look of a moisturized and soft skin that gives you that youthful glow. It can get rid of that aging skin problem.
  4. Silica – It can produce more elasticity in the skin and hastens the healing of scars or wounds. It would come in handy if you get that accidental rash or cuts, allergies, etc. on your skin.
  5. Zinc – It determines how much oil should be produced by your skin in stopping the cells that create pimples. Zinc helps in improving your sense of smell, taste and sight. It is the best in acne treatment.
  6. Fish Oil – This has always been endorsed by doctors due to its amazing health benefits. Not only does it help in skin repair, it also helps in the whole wellness of your body in preventing diseases.
  7. Selenium – A skin elasticity enhancer that also protects body from certain types of cancer especially skin cancer. It gives protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. You can be a bit stress free when you go for that long awaited island getaway.
  8. Flaxseed Oil – This one is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseed oil can slow down cancer cells, improves your reaction against diseases and makes your skin more elastic. Supplements rich in flaxseed oil should be on your shopping list.

Vitamins can help a lot in getting healthy skin. Of course we need to do our part as well. We need to wash our skin properly, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. We need to make a little sacrifice and invest a little on products that can improve our skin.


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