How To Wear Long Nails

Whether you worked hard to grow your natural nails long or opted for acrylic nails or tips, it's important to know how to wear long nails if you want them to last. Long nails can be an adjustment, especially if you have never had them before. You have to take extra care for long nails so they don't get broken or damaged.

The first step to wearing long nails is to establish a regular maintenance routine. Whether you do your nails yourself or have professional manicures, you should keep your nails filed smooth so they don't snag on fabric. Keep your nails polished and wear a nail strengthener as a base coat. If you prefer the natural look, just apply a couple of coats of clear nail strengthener. You will need to reply it every three day or so, because if it chips your long nails will be more prone to breaking. Be sure to apply the nail strengthener along the full length of your nails and on the tip for full coverage. By carefully maintaining your nails, they will be much more likely to stay strong and healthy.

Wearing long nails may require small lifestyle changes on your part. Washing dishes can be very drying and damaging for your nails, so be sure to wear rubber gloves while doing this to protect your hands and nails. When dialing a phone or using a calculator, try punching with a pencil so you don't put stress on the tips of your nails. On that note, you may find typing on a keyboard or using touch screens, such as those found on iPhones, to be difficult. Select a keyboard with larger keys and opt for a cell phone with a large keyboard with standard keys. If you are having trouble opening a lid or performing a similar task, don't risk breaking your nails by using them to pry objects apart. Ask someone else to help out.

To keep your nails long and help them grow, be sure to eat a healthy diet and that you are getting enough vitamins A, C and B12. Take a supplement if you are having trouble getting the recommended amounts in your diet. Also, keep your hands and nails moisturized and take good care of your cuticles.

Long nails are a personal choice and can make quite a statement about your style and personality. Choose a length that works for you so that you can take good care of your nails and easily wear them long without interfering with your life.


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