What is a Back Facial

Your back is a difficult area of the body to reach and care for. It is very difficult to keep a skin care regimen for your back unless you have a professional do it for you, and that can be very expensive. Back scrubbing bath tools such as a brush back scrubber or a long handled loofah can keep your back basically clean and help reduce skin problems like clogged pores. Sometimes oily buildup can cause whiteheads, blackheads and acne-like lesions to form on your back and treatment can be a pain as it is very difficult to see and reach your own back.

A back facial is a spa treatment specifically developed to care for someone’s back. The process is very much the same as a facial treatment and can prove to be very beneficial for men and women who like to wear swimsuits and low-backed dresses. Since the back is the most neglected part of the body simply because it is very difficult to reach, the skin of your back can turn dry and flaky. The back too is prone to oily skin because of lack of maintenance and acne can develop over time. Infection and scars can form when you manage to reach and pop some lesions on your back with your fingers. To maintain healthy, smooth, clean and glowing skin on your back, a back facial, a new form of treatment exclusively for a person’s back, is your most obvious choice.

Here’s how a black facial is done:

  1. A back facial typically starts with deep steaming. This is the initial process to open the pores on your back and soften your skin.
  2. After steaming, an exfoliating scrub treatment may be applied and massaged onto your back to remove dead skin. If you have whiteheads and blackheads the aesthetician or spa staff will use an extraction method to declog your pores.
  3. A moisturizing mask will be applied on your back after the exfoliation and the extraction of dirt and oil build up on the skin pores on your back. Some spas may also include a back massage as part of the back facial package.
  4. You can also have additional treatments performed on your back to keep them clean and conditioned. Some spas will offer dermabrasions that will remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin while some can offer a glycolic peel. The aesthetician and spa staff can assist you in choosing the right treatment for your back. You should tell the aesthetician and spa staff about some skin allergies that you have which can be aggravated by certain ingredients contained in the spa skincare treatment products.
  5. Dermabrasion is a delicate surgical procedure to remove scars from chicken pox and acne. It can even out the pits on your skin and remove growths like keratoses. It can also be used to remove shallow tattoos. Dermabrasion is also useful in reducing wrinkles and correct skin pigmentation anomalies.
  6. While most people will truly benefit from back facial, pregnant women should avoid this as a back facial will require you to lie on your stomach for the length of time for the back facial treatment.

As you know that getting your back truly clean and well maintained is nearly impossible, a back facial can be very beneficial, especially if you are going to attend an important event and the garment you are going to wear has a low back.


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