What is Internal Scar Tissue

Nobody wants to have a scar. It is ugly and runs against the idea of flawless skin. You are now flawed if you have scar. Worse is when this scar is on an exposed region of the skin like legs or arms. We normally get this out of injuries the skin acquires. An ordinary person does not know much about this thing, like what exactly it is, how does it happen, why does it stay or why does it not revert back to its original state. Everything he or she knows is that a scar, especially in the exposed area, is a big NO NO. But there are times when we really have to cut our skin, of course not by ourselves, but by experts or surgeons, this happen when we undergo surgeries. It leaves a mark, damage, and a visible remembrance that we have once been cut open. Scars coming from these processes are called internal scar tissue.

Once the skin is injured, the body automatically produces tissues that would replace and cover the injured one. However in the process, this replacement tissue cannot restore the skin to its original state. In other words, the injured tissue or the original skin can never be entirely replaced by a new tissue. All the new skin does is to restore the lost skin, but it cannot entirely replace it. It leaves what we call scars. When we undergo surgeries and we have to be cut open by surgeons, we may become medically fine after a few days rest, but it nevertheless leaves a scar that serves as a reminder that we have been once open. The restoration of our body after a surgery depends highly on the health condition of the patient. For the healthy ones, the internal scar tissue goes unseen by the patient because of the neat restoration of the skin. However, for the not-so-healthy ones, adhesions may develop. Adhesions are the connectors of two organs that are not originally together. This is usual to the abdominal sections of the body.

For those suffering from internal scar tissue, there are remedies doctors provide. Exercise would be first in the list. Experts say that exercise after surgery is a good remedy for internal scar tissue. Next to exercise is physical therapy. The effects are similar to the usual exercise, however this time you are under a supervision of an expert focusing on the massage needed by the internal scar tissue. Also, the doctor might tell you to change your lifestyle. To prevent the formation of adhesions, you might have to take food high in fiber and to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. If you continue to feel pain in your internal scar tissue and there are signs of adhesion, you may undergo another surgery, this time for the removal of the internal scar tissue.

When we are cut open, those internal scar tissues are just secondary of our concerns. The primary should be the positive result of surgery we have undergone. However, if internal scar tissue develops afterwards, remedies are always available to you. 


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