Dressing for Graduation: Formal Dress for Boys and Girls

Get Tips for What to Wear Under Your Graduation Gown

Wearing formal dress

Graduation is a much-awaited event by college seniors. This is not only a celebration of success but also a time for families, faculty members, and students to gather together and talk about the future of the students' careers. It is a formal event so naturally one has to wear something appropriate for the occasion. This article will discuss appropriate formal dress to wear under graduation gowns.

Girls may wear a dress, or a blouse paired with pants or slacks. The number one rule in dressing up for graduation is to avoid wearing denim or other casual clothing. The rugged attire ruins the formality of the occasion. Formal dresses should be at least knee-length, or two inches below the knee. Nothing too long, so ditch the idea of wearing gowns. Nothing too skimpy either - so no minis, please. Spaghetti-strapped dresses are too attention-grabbing, so the safest bet is to choose a dress with wider straps or just top your piece with a bolero. As much as possible, pick plain, solid colored bottoms; then, just play with the style either by pairing it with floral-printed blouses with plain ones that go well with color of your pants. Keep your outfit simple but classy.

As for the makeup, keep it simple as well. Choose hues that will complement your attire. If you are wearing an all-black outfit, resist the urge to put black eye shadow or too much mascara, lest you want to look like the Addams Family matriarch. If possible, go with pastel shades. For example, for a dramatic effect, a hot red lip color would stand out if you are wearing that little black dress. For an olive green dress with a sheer chiffon cardigan, make your eyes stand out by blending olive green and yellow eye color, and then completing the look with an apricot blush and brown lip color. The shoes for the ladies should not have inches higher than an inch. Wear kitten heels to prevent any slipping or tripping incidents onstage. No strappy shoes, either.

For guys, the best attire is a long-sleeved shirt, a tie, and pants. The outfit is not really much of a problem. Just present that clean, snappy look. Shirts should be only of plain colors, preferably light ones. Guys, don't be afraid to wear mint green or light pink shirts; they won't make you look feminine. In fact, they exude a certain elegance that should be a cardinal rule during graduation ceremonies. No shirts with designs and patterns. For the pants, black, gray, and brown are the safest colors. No corduroys or jeans, please. And make sure that your pants fall just above your black shoes. If you see any streak of black socks, look for pants with a longer hem. Keep a trim fit - baggy trousers aren't appropriate during graduation!

The fashion style to remember during graduation and other formal occasions is classic elegance. Invest on pieces that you know are suitable for these events. Be careful with what you wear, because people will be watching you as you grace the stage.


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