How To Buy Wholesale Cosmetics

The right make up does wonders for any woman, but any practical woman should know that being beautiful does not mean having to shell out big bucks. Here are some tips to help you look your best, without having to break the bank.

  1. Shop at discount stores or outlet stores. Instead of shopping for cosmetics at department stores or at high end boutiques, why not buy make up at discount stores (like Walmart, Target and Kmart) or outlet stores, which are directly owned by the company producing the cosmetics? These stores usually offer wholesale prices on their products. Remember, it’s the same item but with much lower costs. You may also consider purchasing beauty products at a beauty superstore, which allows you to do comparison shopping among different brands. Check online for information on make up discounts, outlets, and superstores near you.
  2. Ask the brand saleslady about special rates. While shopping for the best deals, it may be a good idea to ask the sales attendant when the sales are due to happen. You may even try this—request to be updated whenever a good deal on beauty items is about to come up. The key here is to establish a rapport with her so you could get helpful insider information.
  3. Sign up for products’ newsletters. Some beauty products let you sign up for membership for free; expect monthly newsletters and catalogues to go with this membership. A main advantage in signing up for newsletters is that you will have a better chance of being updated whenever a sale is coming up; you may even get sent free cosmetics samples whenever they release new products.
  4. Search the net. You could search for the best prices on makeup and cosmetics right from the comfort of your own home through the Internet. You could hunt for discounts two ways.
    1. First, you could go to official websites of your favorite cosmetic brands. Usually, there are pages that list their discounted products and items on clearance for that season. However, make sure that you factor in the shipping and handling costs. See to it that you won’t end up paying more than retail price. Know that some companies waive shipping fees if your orders reach a certain amount; you may consider buying all your cosmetic needs from one site to enable you to take advantage of this discount.
    2. A second way to go about your Internet search is by typing relevant keywords such as “make-up discount” or “cosmetic deals” into your preferred search engine. Browse through the results and shop around for the best prices. Again, factor in shipping and handling costs (or better yet, look for websites that offer to deliver products for free—depending on your location, of course). Another good thing about taking this search route is that you would take advantage of smaller, up-and-coming brands that may not be a big household name yet but are as good and effective as the more expensive options.
  5. Visit websites that give beauty tips, skin care and body care advice. These sites usually provide links to other websites that offer discounts on make up and beauty products. Take advantage too of the information that you will learn from these websites, such as what colors are best for your skin tone, how to properly store cosmetics, what is the typical shelf life of commonly-used beauty products, etc. By brushing up on your knowledge of this basic make up information, you would have the added advantage of knowing just what kind of make up to buy so you won’t end up having too many that you just don’t need.
  6. Consider alternative cosmetics. Does your skin tend to get irritated by commercial beauty products?  Be aware that there are lots of alternative cosmetics out there that are made of natural and organic ingredients that are kinder to the skin. An added advantage to these products is that they usually cost much less than mainstream brands.


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