How To Buy Ballet Dance Costumes

Female ballet dancer in full dress

A ballet dance costume helps tell the story during a ballet performance. There are different types of ballet costumes that are especially designed to fit the body of a dancer during her performance. Some of the pieces that make up a basic ballet costume are ballet shoes, leotards, dresses and tutus. There are plenty of online shops that provide different types of ballet dance costumes for everyone.

Here are some of the online shops where you can buy ballet dance costumes:

  1. – Ballet Costume is an online shop especially made for ballerinas. Some of the items that can be found here are unique ballet costumes, leotards, unitards, tops, tights, skirts and ballet shoes. You can order these through the Internet, by fax, by phone or by mail. You can expect your orders to be delivered within 1 to 5 days from the date of your order.
  2. – This website provides unique costumes for ballerinas. You can find romantic tutus, bell tutus, tutu bags, ballet tiaras, ballet slippers and shoes, and more. The products that are found on the website are featured in different magazines, such as In Style Magazine, Juicy Couture, Dance Spirit Magazine and Dance Magazine. The website provides their services for everyone including professional dancers, a dance studio, costume designers and some celebrities. You can choose from sale items or you can have 10% off from your first purchase by entering your name and e-mail address.
  3. – This online ballet shop is geared towards students of a ballet school, dance studios and other customers. The ballet costumes that can be found on the website are categorized under kids wear, jazz wear, contemporary, ballet, men, holiday, character, warm-up wear for lessons, accessories and specials. There are hundreds of products that you can choose from on the site. You can use them for dance class or recitals.
  4. – This website allows you to rent the costumes or purchase them. There are a lot of different costumes that you can browse on in the photo gallery. A ballet dancer wears the costumes so that you will be able to see the full effect of the costume. There is a size chart that will guide you on which size to purchase or rent. You can also read the steps on how to rent the costumes. 
  5. – Algy Performance Collection is a company that provides dance costumes for jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop. There are also competition costumes that are available from the website. The products that can be found here are both for men and women. There are also sale items that are 15% off the original price.

These are some of the best websites on the Internet where you can buy quality ballet costumes and different dance wear. The different websites have different collections and products so it is best to scan the catalogue for each website before making up your mind in purchasing a ballet costume. You can also take advantage of the sale items on some websites if you want to save some money. 


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