How To Find Wholesale Beauty Cosmetics

One of the proven ways of making a living or extra income is buying and selling, that is, buying low and selling high. In this way, your profit is turned into income. One form of doing this is to buy wholesale and sell retail. There are varied products that can be bought at wholesale prices and sold as retail at a lower price but enough to still equate to profit as a whole. This principle is commonly applied to beauty cosmetics.

We cannot deny the fact that cosmetics are part of a woman's daily routine, ranging from lipstick cosmetics, foundation cosmetics and blushes on down to natural cosmetics and various body care products. That means there would always be cosmetics users and consumers, thus there is a need to supply and sell these products.

In case you're planning to engage in such kind of business or if you want to create jobs out of this principle, it is of utmost importance to know where to look for wholesale beauty products and wholesale cosmetics at prices that can allow you to create higher profits. Aside from your nearest local markets, the net also has a wide array of online distributors that offer a range of products for you to choose from. To help you, here's a list you can check out.

  1. Buy Beauty. From simple makeup and hair care products to anti-ageing and body care cosmetics, this site can give you a wide array of items that you can include in your product line-up. They offer discounts of up to 71%, although it would depend on the product, along with a Money Back Guarantee feature within 30 days after purchase. Plus, they also have a list of top seller brands to help you in deciding which product would click or would be preferred by users and other buyers.

  2. Buy Me Beauty. Branded beauty cosmetics like Revlon cosmetics, Maybelline, and Loreal cosmetics are offered in this store. Revlon is noted for their cosmetics that can make you look radiant and young. If you are within United States, you can opt for their free shipping offer, although you must have a minimum purchase of at least $35.

  3. Dollardays. In this store, you can choose from 25,000 high quality products at competitive prices. Orders are taken to give small entrepreneurs the chance to start and have their own business. Aside from wholesale beauty cosmetics, they also have pop and chick decorative items and clothing.

  4. Cheap Slap. This source offers several well-known brands such as Chanel, MAC, Clinique, Lancome, Origins, Clarins and Elizabeth Arden. They also have big discounts of even up to 90%, so you can earn more profit if you will be selling the products in turn. The number of orders varies from one deal to the other. You can order at a minimum of five items.

  5. Wholesale Central. If you want a list of other online cosmetics stores, you can visit this site. They have a directory of distributors, importers and manufacturers from different locations. So you can check out the nearest stores near you. Or if in case you have your own store, you can also add it to their list.

So there you have a few of the thousand online sources of wholesale beauty products. And as a friendly tip, be sure to choose well, buy low and sell high.


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