Finance & Real Estate

For many people, financial planning is a difficult subject. Taxes and tax lawyers… mortgages… the stock market – personal finance can intimidate people with a cascade of figures. Though it takes some time, learning these money issues can lead to your financial security. Thus, we have put together a comprehensive resource of insightful yet uncomplicated articles to guide you in your financial management needs.

Want tips on how to wisely handle your funds? In our money management and financial planning sections, we’ll guide you on everything from banking to taxes, IRS levies and the legal issues surrounding wills and living trusts. Learn everyday tips on setting a household budget and making some extra money. And why not save more of that money at the same time? We’ll train you to be money-savvy in no time!

If your goal is to invest your hard-earned money, our experts will help find the best avenues and investment strategies for you. Learn how to invest in everything from gold bars and coins (like the American Buffalo gold coin) to a series EE savings bond. Our experts explain stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, puts, calls and every other financial investment.

With the sharp calculations of our realty experts, we’ll tell you how find real estate opportunities. Whether you want information on buying or building homes, financing a home or a host of real estate investments, our writers are here to tell you how.

This Finance and Real Estate page is packed with information for your money and personal finance needs. Read the articles and take control of your financial future!