How To Save Money Day to Day


1. Ditch that cup of coffee.

If you drink one cup of Grandé Caramel Machiatto a day for five days a week, you spend approximately $17 a week! That adds up to about $68 a month; all on coffee you can probably brew yourself! Plus it's an extra 310 calories you don't need.


2. Pack your own lunch.

Money spent on eating out during lunch can be saved for an iPod - one for every month. Pack your own lunch instead. Try bringing homemade salads, soups and pastas to work. It beats getting the $7 pseudo-stale sandwich from the place down the street that's not so good to begin with.


3. Carry cash.

Carry cash in your wallet instead of swiping credit cards all the time. It helps you keep track of what you're spending - provided you know how much you have every time. Make a habit of drawing a set amount once a week. When your wallet's empty, you'll know to hold back on the spending.


4. Make use of coupons.

Save money while shopping online by using promo codes. If you don't already have one, try searching online. Type in "discount code + online store name" in the query box. Or try sites like By signing up for email newsletters, you can get promo codes for free shipping or free samples.


5. Save Change.

At the end of the day, toss your change into a jar. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you find it full. Empty the jar and deposit everything into a savings account (preferably one that earns interest) once a month. See the money grow before your eyes. Soon you'll have enough for a vacation.


6. Transform old clothes.

Make your old clothes new by modifying them. Cut your old jeans to make new shorts. Or turn your favorite torn jacket into a sling bag. With a few new buttons, some cloth, a needle and thread; you're ready for a new outfit!


7. Turn off the lights!

Keep electrical appliances turned off when you're not using them. Leaving the lights on in your room when you're in the kitchen is a waste of energy. If you can't kick the habit of leaving lights on, replace 100-watt incandescent bulbs with energy saving bulbs. They may cost more but in the long-run you'll see a change.


8. Use public transportation.

Most employers let you deduct public transportation costs from your paycheck before it's taxed. As a result, you can buy fares and tickets, while reducing your tax bracket. If you use public transportation every day, it may be worth it to get a monthly pass.


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