How To Buy a Gold American Eagle Coin

Exploring bullion, proofs and sizing options

Here's an interesting fact taken from the U.S. Mint's website: all the gold mined in the world would only amount to a cube whose sides measure 20 yards!  A one-ounce American Eagle gold coin is precious, indeed. 

All gold American eagle coins are 22 karat gold; a small amount of other metal is added to make the coin less malleable.  You can be sure that the gold was mined in the United States.

You have 4 size options when buying American eagle gold coins - 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce.  The coin prices vary according to size, of course.  But there are also two general kinds of gold eagle coin -- bullion and proof. 

American Eagle gold bullion coins are readily available for purchase.  These coins are sound investments treasured for their guaranteed quality and content of gold, not to mention their aesthetic appearance.  American gold bullion is recognized by dealers and markets around the world.  They can be bought, sold and traded with ease, and can also be added to your IRA or 401-K, where they are untaxable.

  1. The U.S. Mint's online tool for locating national and local American Eagle gold coin retailers is a great place to start.  Simply enter your state to find local dealers and national ones as well.
  2. If you aren't satisfied by that number of results, check eBay.  If you search for "American Eagle gold bullion," you'll find many coins for sale.
  3. A phone book will also be useful.  Simply look up "gold" or "coins."
  4. Go to Google and search for "American Eagle gold coin." Your search will turn up many results, some of which include, and Blanchard.

American Eagle gold proof coins are the collectible counterparts to the gold American Eagle bullion coins.  Their sizes are the same, as is the guaranteed quality and quantity of gold.  You can also purchase them in sets or two and four coins.  Due to differences in the process of making the coin, these proof coins look a little different than the bullion version.  Because of added dyes and the fact that the proof coins are struck more when they're made, their background appearance is more reflective, or "mirrored," while their foreground image has a brushed, frosty look.  This renders contrast between background and foreground image more pronounced.  
You can find proof coins by:

  1. Checking eBay for "American Eagle gold proof coins" auctioned and sold as sets.  Proof coins tend to sell out rapidly; buying them will be more difficult, but you can sometimes find a flurry of sets available on auction or just for sale.  You might end up paying a pretty penny for them in an auction.
  2. Doing a Google search for "American eagle gold proof coins."  Many of the sites that appear to sell the proof sets may nevertheless be sold out of your desired year, but you can peruse their older offerings to see what is available from past years.  (The coins have been minted since 1986.)

Checking several different dealers or sites will ensure that you aren't being charged an exorbitant amount.  It's always a good idea to cross-check prices when you're shopping on eBay, anyway - some sellers are unscrupulous!


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