Teens: How To Make Money

Today's teens can be remarkably busy people.  In addition to being responsible for their school work, they are often active in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and family commitments.  So when it comes to meeting needs beyond any allowances provided by their parents, the thought of finding time to make money can be overwhelming.  Naturally, the first thought when trying to earn extra cash would be to get a job.  Many people first began earning money by taking a job at a fast food restaurant.  Of course there are many other money-earning opportunities available.  For example, a teen with an eye for the future might search for an internship at a business in which they might be interested for their future career path.

Of course, a teen might simply not have the time to commit to a regular job.  But they can still make money with a little creative thinking and willingness to work.  Of course babysitting is always a great way to earn money.  Rates vary widely in different areas of the country. Teens in some cities might expect just a few dollars an hour, but in others teens can expect to make a lot of money.  For example, in Orlando, FL a teen watching three small children can expect to earn around $10 per hour.  That's better than minimum wage.

Babysitting jobs can be easy to come by, but to make money in other ways may require some advertising and persistence.  There are plenty of people who would be happy to hire a teen to mow the lawn or walk the dog.  Sometimes getting a job like this simply requires planting the idea in your neighbors' heads by mentioning your availability or printing up flyers.  Other ways to make money in your neighborhood might include housecleaning, car washing, or house sitting.

If you can't see yourself earning money in any of these ways, then look to your specific talents.  Do you play a musical instrument well? Have you taken private lessons yourself over the years?  Consider offering your services as a music teacher.  Are you strong academically? You might consider tutoring.  Many parents of small children would be happy to have a teen come to the house to teach.  You would probably earn less money per hour than a professional, but certainly more than a minimum wage job.  The parents would pay less than they would to a professional, and their children would be learning.  It's a great deal for everyone involved.


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