How To Get Canadian Credit Counseling Services

Many people are in debt, most especially with the global financial crisis hitting the world today. They can no longer pay off their outstanding debts due to the effect of the global financial crisis and recession. Fortunately, there are organizations that are willing to help people get rid of debt, and one set of them are the Credit Counseling Services. Credit Counseling is a procedure providing the right education to clients about how to stay away from acquiring debts that cannot be paid off. Credit Counseling also engages in settling with creditors to start a Debt Management Plan or DMP. More often that not, a Debt Management Plan started by a credit counselor provides lessened fees and payments to clients. There are counseling services available in every province in Canada and US state including NJ, NY and others.  If you are currently residing in Canada, then here is a list of Canadian Credit Counseling Services:

  1. Credit Counseling Services of Alberta – Credit Counseling of Alberta is a national association of not-for-profit credit counseling agencies that provide counseling to clients who are in debt.
  2. Credit Counseling Services of Toronto – Do you want to handle your debt? Or develop your credit? Then make it possible with the help of Credit Counseling Services of Toronto. They provide professional counseling services to clients. You can opt to answer the online assessment, which will only take 15 minutes of your time. Just provide the following information: (i) your monthly income (ii) information about your assets (iii) list of monthly expenses and (iv) list of your debts. Once you have finished the online assessment, one of Credit Canada’s counselors will contact you either by email or phone within five business days.
  3. Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada – Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada is a registered non-profit group. They offer a great substitute to bankruptcy. If you want to seek advice now, just click the “chat with a counselor now” button. They also offer a debt management plan to help you settle the payments with your creditor.
  4. Consolidated Counseling Services of Canada – CCSC is here to help you pay off your debts within three to four years. They will offer you an effective debt management plan that will help you do it. To get free budget and debt analysis, simply fill out the form provided at the upper part of the site’s main page.
  5. Credit Counseling Service of Sault Ste. Marie District – It is a non-profit organization that has been helping people to arrange payments with creditors, do budget planning, and more.
  6. Ontario Association of Credit Counseling Services – To find the nearest credit counseling services in your area, just look at the list provided by OACCS, for instance, credit counseling services in Niagara and greater Toronto.

You will find an endless list of credit counseling services in Canada. But the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, a government sector agency, recommends all Canadians to do thorough research first about Counseling Services before going into an agreement. Take time to shop around and compare prices and services.


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