How To Get Capital One Card Options

Credit cards offer you the ability to shop without the problem of having to carry cash around with you. They are lightweight and secure, enough so that only you can use them, not to mention the fact that even if any thieves try to steal from you, a call to your bank will put your credit card on hold, rendering it unusable. However, there are many credit card companies to choose from, and Capital One is, well, one! Capital One was the pioneer of credit cards for the mass market in the 90’s. With financial capital of $161 billion, it is one of the largest bank holding companies and a Fortune 500 member. If you’d like to apply for a credit card in the US or the UK, Capital One’s Capital Card systems are flexible enough to fit your lifestyle and credit rating.

  1. Excellent Credit. Capital One’s excellent credit options are for those who have never been 60 days late in paying credit card bills and those who have never declared bankruptcy. There are many types of Excellent Credit type cards to choose from among their capital fund services. Their annual fee is at 0%, which is good, but what makes these cards better are their NoHassle™ Rewards cards. Their capital rewards system automatically returns a set amount to you, and these rewards do not expire, meaning that you can keep earning points without fear of them being defaulted by Capital One. For those who travel often, they have a NoHassle™ Miles Reward program wherein you earn two miles per dollar spent. These miles can be used to pay for future flights with no cost. Their calculation rate is $1 = 100 miles. With this in mind, you can save $180 dollars if you have 18,000 miles! They also have an Orbitz™ Visa Platinum Card for those who visit often. This card helps you earn thrice the rewards on bookings! All of these credit cards go without annual fees, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.
  2. Good Credit. People with Good Credit have had a credit card for at least three years, have not been more than 60 days late in paying their dues, and have never declared bankruptcy. If this fits you, then you can choose any of these capital cards. They have an MTV Visa Capital Card option wherein your points garnered from other purchases can be used for MTV Merchandise and tickets to live MTV events! Their NoHassle™ Miles Capital Reward Card, earns you as much as 1.25 miles per dollar and, like their Excellent credit option, your rewards do not expire.
  3. Limited History Credit. Starting out? A student looking for a credit card? Look no more! With their Limited History Credit options, you can choose between their Capital One® Classic which has no annual fee and their NoHassle Cash rewards card, which gives you 2% cash back on gas station and grocery store purchases! With a mere $49 annual fee, you can really save up for that next big purchase in your room.

Capital One also has card options for group cards and corporate cards that are actually very flexible. Their group extension program lets you and a friend share the same credit line with two different cards! Their corporate cards are good for small businesses and will help you kick start connections with their Miles program, earning you 1 mile per $100. Just think of all the things you could do with all your free miles, perhaps a round of golf in Florida with a business partner?


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