Christian Debt Consolidation

Christian debt consolidation seems to be a highly-sought after method of debt management these days. More and more people are looking for help with their debt loans, and are turning to credit card consolidation and other debt management services. Some debt management companies advertise their services as "Christian debt consolidation," or in other words, debt consolidation with Christian values intertwined in the program. They promise to help you with your credit card debt and other loans, while at the same time enrich your Christian life in the process.

You may be wondering where the "Christian" part of debt consolidation comes in. These institutions combine debt management with spiritual counseling, helping you settle your debts as well as stay away from the situations that put you in debt in the first place. For example, a Christian debt consolidation company will help you overcome compulsive shopping, stop drinking excessively, and generally kick the habit of spending money you just don't have.

However, you need to be discerning when availing of a debt consolidation company's services, even if they advertise themselves as a Christian company. Some companies like to capitalize on people's needs and that includes the need for spiritual guidance. You need to be wary of certain red flags when dealing with a debt management service. The only way you can settle your credit and debt loans is by seeking help from a reputable debt negotiation service. Whatever credit card consolidation help you need to settle your credit card debt, here's what to look out for:

  1. High fees. Shadier debt consolidation companies charge higher than $50 to set up a plan and $25 to maintain it. Also, you may find that while some fees are said to be "voluntary," you'll be forced in one way or another to pay them just the same. For instance, a Christian debt consolidation company may offer voluntary fees for counseling and educational services, but since they're part of the debt management program anyway, you're going to end up paying for them.
  2. Hard sells. Some Christian debt consolidation companies will give you a hard sell. Agents will call you up, read from a script, and tell you about increased "debt savings" and consolidated loans you can avail of in the future. These scams can put you in even deeper debt than when you started, so be careful.
  3. Commission. When considering the services of a Christian debt management company, ask whether or not the agents get paid a commission. If they are, there's a chance that the agents are going after the commission rather than providing quality debt consolidation help.
  4. Too-speedy service. Good debt consolidation companies, regardless of whether they're Christian or not, take at the very least 30 minutes to draft a quality debt management plan. Those that guarantee a plan in 20 minutes or less are just looking to make as much money as they can, and will willingly compromise quality of service to do so.

All in all, a Christian debt consolidation service will be good for you if you feel that you're in need of additional counseling. However, you need to be careful of scammers who are merely looking to take advantage of the "Christian" label.


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